He's crazy

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When I woke up I had missed calls from August I guess he set it up cause his name is
MyProtecter I called him back after I took a shower and got dressed
Janice-hey protector
MyProtecter-hey ba- i mean Janice
I sighed confused about what he was finna call me
Janice-so where are you
MyProtecter-I just came from court now im getting some food
Janice-court for what
MyProtecter-for you cause I am now your guardian till your 18
(she's 17)
MyProtecter-yea so how are you on the funerals
Janice-im still making the invitations I need your help
MyProtecter-ok well im on my way back now so give me like 15 minutes and ill be there
Janice-ok bye
While I waited I setup the rest of my phone I took a couple of photos and noticed August put some of him on there I laughed (in media)
When I got finished i walked down stairs and watched family guy till he got here
August- hey
Janice-hey what did you get to eat
August- ihop
Janice- mmmm
August- Janice who was your old family
Janice gets upset
August-who were they!
Janice- The Jones august why!
I start crying thinking about the bad memories I had from there
August-im sorry jay
He hugs me and kissed my forehead
1 hour later
We were both on the couch talking about the funeral I had my laptop laying on August
Janice- So who should we invite since I don't know many people
August- how about my grandma and grandpa and my niggas and Mel's niggas-
Janice- hold on so you just gone invite every body right
August- kind of , yea
Janice- well why don't you just put the invitations on your computer and then you put them in so I can order the food for Mel's funeral and moms
August- how about we put both of the funeral together I told yah we don't got much money guh
Janice- right sorry ok let me email these all to your laptop
August goes upstairs to get his laptop
I go and get my phone to order the food
Then I get a call from a random number after I order the food
Person-hey hoe
Janice-who the fuck is dis calling me a hoe
It sounded Like a woman
Woman-this is August's gurl and if you even try and touch him i will kill yo ugly ass
Janice- Bitch how the fuck did you get dis number
She hung up
I ran downstairs and told August
August-I know who it is
Janice-who the fuck is it den
August-one of mah dat i used to fuck wit
Janice-hoes ? And dis bitch comin after me cuz?
August- I guess she think im fuckin you
Janice- you wish
August- I know
I laughed and hugged him cause I was i tired and went to bed after I showered I layed in bed and played with my phone a little im still not used to it an hour later August walked in with out a shirt on i wondered if it was a dream or not I stared and he asked me a question and I wasn't paying attention then he shook me
Janice- huh?
August- where's your laptop
Janice-on my desk why
August- mines went dead and I need it
Janice-ok night auggie

That's not it there are more chapters to come Llh

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