Katniss's POV

Peeta and I get married. We have two beautiful children named Willow and Rye. A month before our wedding, Prim showed up. I screamed and cried, and hugged her. Haymitch and Effie got married not too long after us, and had a child, named Peeta. Gale came to our house when I was eight months pregnant with Willow, and came after me. But Finnick was there, and he fought with Gale until Gale passed out, he was never seen again. I lived a long life, with the love of my life.

Not once did a week go by where I didn't wonder; "Why did I ever find it difficult to choose between Gale and Peeta?" and "Out of all the girls why would Peeta choose me?" But I loved Peeta, always.

Ten years after Willow and Rye moved out

Peeta's POV

I'm kneeling beside our bed holding her hand, praying that she won't be taken away from me. I look into her eyes, and I know it's her time, she has to let go. I climb into our bed next to her, and wrap my arms around her protectively, hoping that will protect her from any force trying to take her away from me. She turns and I again look into those grey eyes, the eyes that read me like a book.

She whispers, "I love you."

"I love you more," I whisper back.

She takes my hand and whispers, "Stay with me."

"Always," I respond.

She smiles the smile that spreads to those gray eyes, the smile that would brighten up my day, then she exhales her last breath. I let silent tears fall from my eyes, as I think about her life, how she was such a big part of mine. Every time I tried to think of a happy memory, Katniss was somehow connected to it.

I whisper my last word, "Always."

Willow's POV

I'm laying on my couch, with my head on my husbands chest and my children, Primrose and Cinna, on my lap.

Our phones starts ringing, so I run to get it, "Hello?" I answer. I hear my aunt over the phone, barely.

"Sweetheart, your parents just passed away."

I drop the phone, and I slowly fall to the floor in tears. My husband comes running over, and picks up the phone. He consoles my aunt a little, and tells her we'll be there later. Then he crouches down next to me, and wraps his arms around me. I hear little footsteps, and my children crawl onto my lap. I look down at them, Primrose who has those gray eyes that once belonged to my mother, and Cinna with those blue eyes that once belonged to my father, and I know everything will be fine. Because my parents will never leave us, they will live in the hearts of the people they loved and who loved them.


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