Dan Howell is my brother?!

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Hi so my name is poppy and I'm 13 years old. My life when I was younger had been the worst. I uses to live with my dad an he used to hurt me, physically, I never really knew if I had any siblings. just me and my so called 'dad'. He used to punch me and slap me. The worst was when he asked his mates round and well they rape me. I screamed until it stopped.One day my dad tried to kill me, I was only 6 but luckily my neighbour heard me screamed and saved me. The police took my dad and that was the last of him. The police took me to a orphanage, a couple of months ago. some people adopted me but they were the same as my dad.
I don't trust boys or men anymore.
Present day
I sat on my dull bed waiting for my laptop to turn on. It was 6:00 and I was still in my onesie. I LOVE watching youtube, the one and only youtuber I watch is absolutely DAN. I've always wanted to meet him, I've tried getting tickets for playlists live but they cost to much I log on to youtube and it's already on heavens page. Aka danisnotinfire I get ready for one hour of fun
1 hour later
I finished watching youtube and got dressed. I put on a hot pink hoodie, black jeans and my black converse. As I walked back into the room I saw my room mate awake.She's like a sister to me, she got purple hair just like me but hers is in a pixie cut unlike mine it's really long.she is so beautiful bit she tends to hide it. I walk down stairs and see I Stephanie and her 'perfects ' watching mean girls, a bitchy film for a bitchy group "hey loser, why even bother trying to look pretty." I just walked away from her until she grabbed my backpack and grabbed one of my song books out and riped it to shreds. all my perfect songs... gone. Stephanie is the perfect barbie l doll, bleach blond hair, short dress, perfect tame. I picked up the shreds and put them in the bin. Brooke came in and told us " today girls someone here is getting adopted today" I can't believe I'm saying this but could this day get any worse?!

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