The Next Morning
*7:02 a.m.*

I woke in Dan's bed alone. Why is he even mad at me? I know I ain't did shit, so what's up? I hate when he doesn't talk to me, especially if I didn't do anything. I sighed & got up, took a shower & did my hygiene. "Goodmorning everyone.." I half smiled as I walked into the kitchen. "Goodmorning." They all beamed back, except Daniel. I sat beside him, but he ignored me. "Goodmorning baby.." I said softly. He was silent. I looked down. Mama J popped him in the back of his head. He sighed, rubbing the head. "Mornin.." He said, under his breath. I sighed & got up. "Y/n come back!" I heard Miley yelling after me. I just shook my head & walked into Dan's room so I can get dressed. Then I heard the bedroom door slam. I jumped & turned around. I just snapped. "FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU!?" I yelled. "ALL YOU DO IS CAUSE ME HEARTACHE!!" "AND WHAT THE FUCK YOU BE DOING!???" He barked back, his nose flared, his eyes bloodshot red & filled with rage. "DANIEL, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" "DON'T BULLSHIT [YOUR FIRST INITIAL]!!" I sighed, putting my face in my hand. "Daniel, I don't know what in the hell you talking about..." "What is Khalil to you?" He asked calmly. "Did Trevor get to you? That's why you mad at me?" I asked, walking over to him. He pushed me back. "Y/n, just answer the damn question!" I sighed. "Baby, I swear to you that Khalil Amir Sharieff is my cousin.." He shook his head. "You don't believe me? You wanna call my mom??" I gave him my phone. He just looked at me. "Call her." He sighed & called her.

"Hey ma, it's Dig. I'm good.." He sighed. "Is Khalil really Y/n's cousin?" He looked over me, leaning back on his bedroom door. He was nodding. "Mhmm...oh okay then. Thanks. Iight, bye.." He put my phone in his pocket. "So?" I slowly walked upto him. He shrugged. I sighed & held his hand. "You gotta stop letting Trevor get to you. Okay....?" I told him. He shrugged. "Why are you so fuckin stubborn?" I kinda smiled. "The same reason why you can't be trusted." I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I'm not fuckin nobody but you. NOBODY. You hear me?" He nodded. I smiled & kissed him. "No more shutting me out? All you have to do is talk to me..." "Yeah.." He sighed, slightly nodding. I puckered my lips. "You good.." He pushed me back & left out the room. My jaw dropped, then I just laughed & shook my head.


Over an hour later
*In New York / At Roscoe's*

"Well I'll be damned..." Y/n said sarcastically as Y/n & I walked up to the booth. "Look what the fuckin cat drug in." "Babe.." I snapped as we slid in the booth. "Stop." She looked away & folded her arms. As we sat there, Trev & I talked. Y/n was quiet the whole time, but she'd glare at Trevor or feed me or some shit. I just laughed to myself cause I knew she was trynna piss Trevor off.....and she always succeeds. "Problem muthafucka?" She snapped her head towards Trevor, with attitude & trynna add base to her high pitched voice. I lightly chuckled, shaking my head. "Well!?" He looked away & got up. She rolled her eyes, laid her head on my chest. "So you not gon finish feeding me??" I asked, smirking. She slowly turned her head towards me, with a glare in her eyes. "No!" I chuckled. "Well fuck you too then nigga.." I picked up my fork. She took it from me & eat the rest of my waffle. "[your first initial]..." "I feed you, I finish it off." She simply said. "You better be glad I love yo ass." "Oh I know you do..." I shook my head & laughed.

Later on
*at the venue*

"Behave.." I told her as I grabbed my mic. She kissed me. I pulled her into me, deepening the kiss & added tongue. She broke away & nodded. "Okay.." I handed her my phone & walked towards the stage.

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