Chapter 11- Moody Zayn= Punished Zayn

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could you do one where zayn is really moody but wont tell louis why and louis gets sick of it so zayn gets spanked?? zayn wont tell louis he is moody because of stress of starting the new tour xxx


Thanks, KatieHemmingsHoran


*Zayn POV*

I woke up this morning,

In a really bad mood.

And I dont really know why..

Oh yeah!

I do..

Tour starts in 3 days!

3 days! And management has just decided to change the set list!

Now im all stressed and moody and just want to stay in bed until tour is over.

"Whats wrong with you?" Louis asked, knocking me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing" I huffed, standing up and making my way to the kitchen.

Louis followed, "Are you still mad at the other three, for what they did to you?"

I shook my head, "No! That was weeks ago, why bring it back up?"

Ever since that day, Louis found me, I had nightmares nearly every single night, but finally they stopped about a week ago.

"Well if it isnt that, why is up with you?" 

"Nothing! Ive told you once!" I said, pushing him out of my way, so I could get to the kitchen, to make breakfast he "forgot" to make.


"Dont you dare push me out of the way!" He screamed, swatting me again when I rolled my eyes. "You are on very thing ice Zayn Malik! Sort your attitude out or youll get more of what you just had"

"I havent got an attitude, " I scoffed, "Im fine"

He laughed, "Havent got an attitude, my arse, sort it out"

"Blah, Blah, Blah" 

He crossed, his arms and walked out the of the room, "Remember your on thin ice"

Breakfast soon went and now were both sat in Simons office with the other three,

"So, Tour starts in three days"


"So I suggest, you better all start flying over, you dont want to be late"

"Jeez" I mumbled, "It dont take three days to get to the other side of the world"

Louis sent me daggers, as Simon just started at me, "No your right Zayn, but you have to go to soundcheck, and meet some fans"

"Whatever, anything else?" I said, I was seriously getting so bored right now.

"Knock it off Zayn" Louis whispered in my ear, "I warned you this morning"

I stood up and made my way out, great, my mood is so much better!

Thanks for that Simon!

I love you too!

I waited for nearly 10 minutes, before the other four came out.

Louis kept looking at me, sending me daggers again, "What do you want Louis?"

"You to come with me" He gripped my arm, and dragged me to the bathroom, 

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