Pewds Chapter Three

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Ruby (POV)

For once every single girl locked eyes on the couple waiting to hear who would be adopted. They slowly handed the papers to Ms. Hadie and a surprised look appeared on her face. It was pretty revolting if you ask me.

"Are you sure?" She asked as Pewds nodded. "Ok then. Ruby get packing, you got adopted" She said with a shocked and disgusted tone. "Yes!" I yelled jumping into the air. I never thought I'd be this happy in my life but here I am!

I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed everything that could fit in my small suitcase. I grabbed my beanies, a couple T-shirts, shoes, jeans, undergarments, my laptop, headset, my phone, and my Teddy Bear. It sound like a lot but it really isn't trust me, they have strict limits on items you can own here

The only thing my original parents left for me was my Teddy Bear. I never really met them. I don't even know if there alive. I don't know why, but anytime I think about it Harry Potter & Annie pop in my head.

After I zipped up my tiny suitcase I ran downstairs, not caring the suitcase slammed against every step. "You ready to go" Marzia asked. I nodded my head as we went through the door. Congrats Ruby! You have a official family now!

Brooke (POV)

The whole room was quite. Every girl was shocked, but couldn't say a word. My mind was split. 10% of me was saying "Congrats Ruby" while the rest of me was thinking "Wow. I just lost my best friend".

"Ok girls, I think after that little scene we should take the rest of school off. Head up to your dorms" Ms. Hadie yelled as we all ran upstairs. "Ugh! Thank god Ruby is gone, she was a pain in the butt" Jess snickered as we entered the room.

"She doesn't deserve someone as nice as that lady" Charlotte complained. "They probably just felt bad for her" McKenzie laughed as everyone else joined in.

"I feel bad for you guys. Little do you know Pewdiepie makes money off of playing Games and lives in a mansion. Looks like Ruby hit the jackpot" I snickered back.

I only really called Pewdiepie the jackpot because of how cool
he is, but I felt good to get under the other girls skin...

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