Part 4

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The next day came quickly after a movie with Savannah. I hadn't told her about my encounter with the ever so famous Matt Espinosa because I knew she wouldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the trip. I was ready to just forget about the whole thing. Savannah and I were heading down to the beach with our brothers. They kept a distance from us, but we were still altogether. We ran down to the beach and found a spot close to the ocean.

I was lying on my towel, hoping to get a tan when Savannah shook me. "What is it?" I groaned. I leaned on my elbows and sat up a little more. There was a lot of commotion going on near the dunes of the beach. Everyone on the beach was disrupted by the crowd of girls surrounding the one and only. Savannah's eyes widened as she put on her begging face. "Pretty please Maggs, just this once. I need a picture with him. You know I would do the same for you," she whined. I rolled my eyes. "You know I wouldn't be obsessed with someone like him," I mumbled under my breath. She continued to stare me down. "Go without me," I told her. Savannah replied with a pout. "Sav, I'm not going. You might as well start walking," I said. She stood up and dragged herself slowly. "Here I go," she drawled out every word. I waved her away. "All by myself," she sang out making me chuckle. "Bye," I said before turning back onto my towel and closing my eyes. It really wasn't fair how that kid can be so famous for absolutely nothing. Nothing but hormonal girls could make a living for him, my best friend being one of them.

"What's going on up there?" Sam spoke as he walked towards me. I lifted my head up. "Some idiot has all these girls swooning over him. Savannah's up there too," I replied, clearly frustrated. Sam sat down next to me and Brian dried himself off with a towel. "Man, that idiot's doing it right," Sam joked making me crack a smile. "Why aren't you up there?" Brian asked. "I prefer to like people who are from the real world," I said. Sam chuckled, causing his side to bump into mine. "That's good to know," he said while shaking his hair until it landed on the side of his head. "Sam, you have nicer hair than mine," I said laughing. He shrugged with a smile. "It takes work babe, it takes work," he replied. "I'm going to get a smoothie," Brian said before walking off to the tiki hut where they sold food and drinks. I fidgeted with my sunglasses until I felt comfortable with them on. "You're so cool for your age, you know that?" Sam told me while looking out into the ocean. I looked at the edge of his face where his nose rounded and his freckles peeked out. "Hey, I'm only two years younger than you," I replied, nudging him a bit. Sam chuckled. "Let's take a walk," Sam said before helping me up.

We walked and talked about anything and everything. By the time we were making our way back, he had asked me if I wanted to go grab something to eat with him. "Yea, sure," I replied, a little hesitant because I wasn't sure if it was because he liked me or not. I didn't want it to get weird because of the fact that Sam was Savannah's brother. She was waiting for us when we got back. Her arms were crossed and was apparently mad that I had ditched her. "Sorry, we went on a walk," Sam told her. Savannah didn't seem to be upset about that. "I didn't get a picture with Matt. Everyone was pushing and then he left after a while," Savannah admitted. I wasn't surprised. "It's alright, you'll get him next time," I pretended to feel sorry for her. She opened her mouth to disagree, but Sam interrupted. "Maggie and I are heading out to grab some lunch. We'll be back," he said. Savannah threw up the peace sign and with that, we were on our way.

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