Key'Mar P.O.V

I was at the trap in my office counting my money when my right hand Jay came in.

"Bruhh we got Danny downstairs in the dungeon." He said

"Aaight imma be down in a bit." I said

When I got through counting my money I went down to the dungeon

"Aye!" I punched him in his face to wake him up.
"Where the fuck my money at?" I asked him
"Man i-ion g-got it r-r-right now," he said

I shot his ass right in his temple, I checked his pockets and this nigga stacks of money , Stupid Bitch.


I left and went home, I pulled up unlocked the gate and drove up, I got out locked the door and went in my house. I went and took a shower. I got out and put on some sweats and a plain white T-shirt and my black Nike slides. I called up this girl named Lana and told her I was finna come through..and nahh it wasn't nun like that we was just finna do some homework that we got assigned over the weekend.I got my books and headed out. When I pulled up she met me at the door and we walked up to her room and started working.

"So what we working on today?" I asked

"We gone start on zoology  them work out way up to Calculus.

"Aaight" I said

I know what y'all thinking.. This boy must be cheating or something cause he a thug in AP classes😂😂..But nahh I just like to keep my work done so I can graduate and I keep a 4. something GPA so that's why I'm in AP classes. When we was through with our work I was about to leave..

"Come on Key'Mar stay here." She said basically begging

"What I'm staying here for we did what we was suppose to do so wassup?" I asked

"I was thinking we could do something more than homework" she said biting her lip.

I gotta admit, Lana sexy asf but ain with all that fucking any and everybody plus I heard she was fucking with the homie..she was basically a smart hoee on the low😂..

"Nahh ion think so lil mama, ain't u suppose to be messing with Aiden then I heard u was messing with Jay?" I asked

"What they don't know won't hurt em right?"

"I'm cool on you ion want u..Ion know what ya ass got now bye" I said throwing up my hand walking out the door to my car.

You gotta be careful with these hoees never know what they can give ya can't just go around fucking everything with a pussy..Shit ain cool...

I pulled up in my driveway turned off the car and headed inside up to my room. I stripped down to my boxers and laid in my bed. As soon as my face hit the pillow I was out..I must've been tired asf..

Ramiya's P.O.V

I was woke up when the plane landed, I got off the plane and headed into the airport .

"How are we getting to our house?" I asked

"We can rent a car from here." Dad said

We rented a car and we drove off to our new house, when we got there it was huge, I stared in awe. We got out the car and went in the house.

When we got inside the house there was a spiral staircase and wooden floors , we walked inside the kitchen and there was a chandelier and marble counters and a glass table and wooden chairs. This is my dream house. We headed up the stairs and there were 2 flights of them meaning that there were 2 floors.

"Our room and a guest room and bathroom are on this hall, you and Lamiya's room is on the next floor." Mom said

We went up the next flight of stairs and there were 3 rooms and a bathroom on the floor. I walked in one room and it had Lamiya's stuff in there with her name above her queen ♛ size bed in purple. Her room was painted pink and she had had hello kitty everywhere I was like Damn. She even had her own bathroom in her room.

I walked to the next room and it was the quest room, it was plain and had regular white walls with pictures and a closet.

I walked into the last room which was MINE, FINALLY, It was painted blue with my name above it in green letters. I loved those colors.

My bathroom was even decorated blue and green. I left out the bathroom and sat on my bed and started unpacking, I put my IPhone in my dock and started playing Young Thug Slime Season 3 album.

2hours later

I was finally through unpacking, I left and went to my parent's room and saw that my mom was through unpacking.

"Where's dad?" I asked

"He's downstairs finishing up the living room and kitchen," she said

I went downstairs and saw my dad sitting down on our yellow living room suit, I just realized the living room was painted a goldish yellowish color.

"Dad I'm hungry," I said

"I cooked something go get Lamiya and your mom to come eat," he said

"Mom Lamiya come eat!!!," I screamed

"I could've did that," he said

They came downstairs and we went in the kitchen where my dad had cooked pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and string beans. We finished eating and me and Lamiya washed the dishes.

"Why don't y'all go check out the neighborhood," Mom said

"Hell no, they don't know these people and I be damned if they get lost, might have to pull out the glock" dad said

"Fine Cory overprotective ass" mom said

"Damn Right" he said

"Oh that reminds me we already had you guys registered for school so all y'all have to do when y'all get there Monday is get your schedule from the office." Mom said

"OK," me and Lamiya said

I went up to my room and took off my glasses and went in the bathroom to shower, I got in the shower and let the water rinse me off before grabbing my rag and vanilla body wash and pouring some on the rag and my body.

When I was finished I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and went in my room, I went to the dresser and put on a bra and some boy shorts and I put on one of Jaleyn's oversized tee-shirt , ughh it reminded me of him. I don't think this long distance thing is gone work. I got in the bed under the covers and fell asleep.


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Ramiya above

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