(Chapter 6)(Home again)

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(Chapter 6)(Home again)

(Blaise's p.o.v)

I woke to see my husband sitting in the rocking chair holding my son . "Yeah I know your hungry". Jax says to Nathaniel . "I was so close to killing him ya know, but your older sister, she's just so sweet, like your mommy, that I couldn't ; I was gonna burn him to death". Jax says rocking our son in the rocking chair. "I gotta tell them sometime soon that I'm not who they think I am. I'm not a good man". He says.

"Jax". I say getting out of bed and hugging my husband.
"Thank god". I breathed, smashing my mouth to his.
I kissed him so long that I couldn't breathe. "He's home". Jax says looking down at our little boy. "I know". I say, kissing my sons head. "I love you". I say. "Love you too". He says.
"You know Riley's expecting". I say. He looked up. "Has she told BG yet?" He asked. "No not yet, she wants to make it a surprise "." Kinda like I did when I was having Joanna". I say. He smirked. "That wasn't a surprise , you screamed I'm pregnant, and that you hated me because you would have to push my fat head out of your pelvis". "You weren't excited". He says. I laughed. "Okay okay, so I was scared." I say. "But Joanna was relatively small." I say. "But lil J, damn that boy was, wow". I said. He smiled.

"You were gonna burn Brett to death?" I asked. He nodded.
"But I couldn't do it, Joanna said don't, and I didn't." He says. "Can I hold my baby now?" I asked . Jax pulled me into his lap and gave me Nathaniel. I was feeding him by the bottle. "He mumbled daddy, the other night?" Jax says. "Ugh ". I said. "What?""thought you'd be excited, you know baby's first word." Jax says. "His first word was supposed to be mommy". I say. Jax smirked. "Right". He says rolling his eyes.
Joanna ran into the bedroom. "Daddy! , Abel ! Daddy found bubba". Joanna yells to Abel . Abel hurried in on his short 4 year old legs . They kissed Nathaniel's head. Jax wrapped his arm around me. I sighed. "Daddy did you kill Brett?" Joanna asked. "No baby I didn't , I got your brother and left." Jax says to our oldest, "good, that's why your good daddy." She says. Jax sighed knowing soon enough the truth would come out.

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