{2 Weeks Later}
I used the key that Luke had given me to his apartment. We decided to be a real couple and I was going to surprise him by making him dinner.

I smiled as I thought about his smiling face when he saw his favorite food, pizza. I had spent 4 hours looking for homemade pepperoni pizza recipes. I pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket and placed it on the counter. I checked the clock on the oven. 6:55. Luke should be home by now.

"Luke?" I yelled. No answer. I walked upstairs to his bedroom. Is that moaning? And the bed creaking? I opened the door and was ticked. Luke was there banging some girl. I felt my heart break and tears threatening to fall, but I refused to show them how sad I was. I stormed inside.

"So I guess it's true. One woman's man is another woman's fucker," I said leaning against the door frame. He look terrified but she looked smug. Luke knew that when I was mad, I get violent.

"I'm going to give you 3 seconds to get up outta here," I warned her.

"What're you gonna do?" She taunted. I shrugged.

"1," I began counting.

"Erin wait!" Luke pleaded.

"2," I said taking a step closer.

"3!" I shouted. I grabbed her by her hair and yanked her off the bed. She hit the floor with a thud.

I began pounding her face in. She was screaming, but that just egged me on. I straddled her and pinned her arms above her head angrily.

"Luke help!" She cried. I rolled my eyes.

"He's smarter than that," I said in between smacks. I looked behind me to find Luke sitting on the bed. I climbed off of her and stalked over to him.

"Don't think I forgot about you Mr. Hemmings," I said his name with venom.

"Erin I'm sorry she meant nothing to me," he pleaded. I glared at him. I knew who the girl was. Aleisha McDonald. His ex. That made me even more angry. How could he? I decided to not hit him.

I went to the closet and grabbed a lot of his clothes. I stuffed them into a raggedy suitcase and dragged it out of the closet.

"Meet me outside. We're going to have a bonfire," I said. I threw the suitcase down the stairs and grabbed lighter fluid, gasoline, and matches from the garage. I yanked the suitcase outside along with my "special" supplies. I unzipped the suitcase and poured the gasoline on it. I also poured the lighter fluid.

Luke and Aleisha came outside fully dressed, although Aleisha might as well have stayed naked since she was wearing a mini skirt and a two size too small tube top. Their eyes were wide while I smirked.

"Erin don't do this!" Luke begged running over to me. I just gave him an evil smile.

"So it's gonna be forever," I began singing Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Fear was etched onto Luke's face. He knew the next line and so did Aleisha.

"Sing a long," I said. Luke started crying and Aleisha stumbled back. I laughed.

"OR IT'S GONNA GO DOWN IN FLAMES!" I yelled as I threw the match on the suitcase. It immediately caught fire. I danced around it happily. Luke told Aleisha to go home. I waved at her as she left, her face still bleeding. I started doing cartwheels.

I just found the guy I loved in bed with someone else, so why was I so happy and cheery?

"Erin how could you?" He asked me. I stopped dancing and smiling. I glared at him.

"How could I? HOW COULD I?!?! You cheated on me and you're wondering how could I?!?! You slept with your ex. And not just any ex but the one who cheated on you in the first place!!" I yelled at him. He flinched.

"Erin I," he began but the look I gave him ceased his statement. I smirked at him.

"You're lucky I just did that. I could've killed you. I love you so much but you don't love me," I said. The tears were threatening to fall now.

"I do love you. It was a mistake. This was the first time we had done it. I'm sorry that I hurt you but I do love you," Luke pleaded. I shook my head and went inside. I grabbed my phone and keys.

Then I left his house. He ran after me for about 4 blocks but then he gave up and started crying. So did I.

*LUKE U DIRTY BASTARD!!! Jkjk. I still love you even though u cheated. But anyway. Here they are G_Blair your two chapters!!
Love y'all,

^You're not funny (Ansley, if you're reading this, you'll get it) -Aari

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