Never Did Anything

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So Josh (Guy bestfriend) pulls up in his drive way and Tamar was drunk and sleep, do he got out of the car and un-buckled her seatbelt and carried her in the house bridestyle. He took her straight upstairs and laid her down on his bed and he put the covers over her. He knew she was married so he never ever did anything with her.He just slept on the couch.He would take her home in the morning when she could tell him where she lived.
                          That Morning
Tamar woke up scared she had no idea where she was.So she just walked down the stairs and she seen Josh on the couch so she knew she wasnt at home.
Josh:Hey sleepyhead come on in the kitchen im fixing breakfast.
So she walked into the kitchen and sat on a chair at the Island.
Tamar: We didnt "Do It " last night did we?
Josh:No Tamar I would never do that your married.
Tamar showed a sign of relief she knew Vince wouldnt want to be with her anymore especially since they were tryin for another baby.
Tamar:Whewww ok I thought maybe we did.
Josh:No Tamar I just brought you here because I didnt know where you lived and you were Wasted.
After Josh said that Tamar ran upstairs and dodnt say anything she got her stuff and said I left my car at the bar will you take ne to get it.
Josh:Sure come on
He grabs the keys on the hook,Tanar puts on her jacket and her heels.
                           5 mins later
Five minutes later Tamar and Josh arrive at the bar to get her car. She pulls out her keys and gets in the car she hurries home. When she gets there Vince is setting in a kitchen chair. When he sees her he runs to her and picks her up and kisses her.
Vince:Where have you been?
Tamar gets something to drink.
Tamar:Well I went to a bar and got drunk and my bestfriend seen me and took me to his house..
Vince: So you went to a man's house?
Vince:Ok *he is upset but calms down*
Tamar:We never did anything though I slept in his bed and when I woke up he was downstairs on the couch.
Vince: Im just glad ur ok I was scared somethin happen to you.
Tamar:No im ok
He kisses her and picks her up and puts her on top the table.
Tamar:You ready to try for another baby aint you?
Tamar:Me too
Tamar: Lets go upstairs and try again.
Vince picks Tamar up and gets her off the table and they walk upstairs.

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