Suddenly we heard a key open the door. Followed by a voice which called "I'm home!" Then a woman with brown, curly hair entered the living room. I had seen her on some pictures from the families of the Queen band members. It was Lily Sophia May, the daughter of Brian May and his wife Sophia May (our grandma). (A/N: I just realized that I haven't written anything about their Grandmother till now oops) Lily looked at us. I think she was a bit shocked to see us here. "Hey" she whispered, with tears in her eyes. I smiled and said "Hi Mum!" She came to us and hugged us tight. "My little girls! The last time I've seen you you were little babies!" That reminded me of something. "Why you have given us away?" I asked directly. Lily started to cry now. "I'm so sorry!" she said sadly. "Please don't hate me for that!" "We won't!" Jane promised. I looked at her. My sister. We had always joked that we weren't best friends, that we were sisters, but we've never imagined that we were right. It felt a bit strange to have a family now two weeks after the persons, who I thought my whole life were my parents, had died. While I thought about this Lily had started her explanation:

"Well, when I was born in 1976 when Queen was very famous. For me it was very hard because they've written much in the papers about me and the other kids of the band members. Most of the our class mates in school wanted to be our friends only because we were the kids of Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. So we hadn't got many real friends there, only ourselves. Apart from the other 'Queen-Kids' how they called us, I only had one friend. Alice. When I realized that I was pregnant, 17 years ago, I dind't wanted my children to have a childhood like I had it. They should be free from the fame. I asked Alice for help. Luckily she looked like me so she pretended to be me for over nine months in the public. While this time I lived in a little village in France, with a fake name of course. When you were a half year old I put you two up for adoption. We wanted to contact you when you were eighteen but after this car accident we thought it would be better to tell you the truth now."

(I'm alive! I'm so sorry, I know I'm a horrible writer but I had no more ideas how to go on (for all the german readers: wisst ihr, wie man schreibblockade auf englisch sagen kann? wäre vielleicht nützlich für mich :D) but finally I finished the new chapter. 

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Well, this story is ending soon (about five chapters + epilogue) but I already have an idea for a new Queen story ;)

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