(In the car) Ashley's P.O.V

Everyone is socializing except me, well I'm not really in the mood right now. It feels weird to be with One Direction, and now that I see them in the flesh, they're not really that "special" they're just normal guys. I looked over to Sydney. Oh, she's not being social either. Let's just be not social together. I slid over to her. "Hey ash! Dude, I'm so beating your high-score on subway surf!" I hurried up and pulled out my phone. No! She's telling the truth. ''How!?! You just started playing....I hate you.'' She smirked at me, like usual.'' Don't hate the player, hate the game.'' We weren't paying attention to notice the boys watching us with amused faces.  ''What's going on here?!'' Zayn asked. ''Um well Ashley here, is jelly of my NEW HIGH SCORE! BRUH look at this. ...What did I do to deserve this Jesus thank you! ''

Harry's P.O.V

I watched as the two girl's went on with their banter. My eyes mostly on Sydney ;-) ''Don't hate the player hate the game. '' The lads started watching as well now, it was kinda funny the way they acted. ''What's going on here?!'' Zayn asked.  ''Um well Ashley here is jelly of my- NEW HIGH SCORE!  BRUH look at this....what did I do to deserve this Jesus thank you! '' Sydney exclaimed. We all just laughed at them. So I guess we just bring them to the concert, maybe see them in the crowd maybe wave to them,  make inside jokes. Part our ways and never see them again, yeah....

HA that's never going to happen. I leaned over to Liam. ''So we're not just dropping them off right? We'll see them after the show? '' Liam smiled at me and nudged me.  '' Does wittle Harry-warry have a crush on Sydney? I honestly don't know what's going to happen when we get to the arena, maybe- '' Guys we're here!  I'm so excited, should I be though, because they're right here with me?  No offense.'' Okay so we're here......The girl's were the first ones out. When we stepped out Ashley and Sydney were already on their way to the entrance, where the fans go through. I ran to stop them in a record speed. ''Hey where are you going, we got you guys backstage passes. So you can watch us from back there! And you get to hang out with 5 sauce and more important me! I mean the boys?  So what do ya say? ''Please say yes, please say yes. Ashley and Sydney spoke telepathically. ''Yeah sure, that sounds awesome thank you so much! '' They said in unison.  Girl's, can't live with them can't live without them.  We redirected our paths to the back entrance.  When we got backstage I saw  the 5sos guys. I was about to smile until I saw the way they were looking at Sydney, oh and Ashley yeah Ashley too. Because its not like I have something for Sydney like *pshhh* who is she, where'd she go I don't know .....yeah. I DON'T LIKE HER and her beautiful caramel skin, NO mocha caramel with whipped cream and those chocolate sprinkles everyone loves. '' Harry,  Harry, HARRY! '' I snapped out of it and realized Sydney has been calling my name for the past few minutes. ''Yeah, what were you saying sweetheart? " She giggled and god was it like the sound if angels if that makes sense. ''I was saying Preston wants to speak with you guys right now.'' I got lost in her eyes for a moment. ''Oh-Kay yeah I'll just do that right now....'' I walked away towards the boys and Preston who were in a group huddle talking . Well the boys listening while Preston talks to them. ''Ah here he is! The boy who runs everything. Now tell me Harry do tell me, does Paul know about the two ladies being here? ''Before I could answer someone came up behind me and put their hand on my shoulder. '' Of course I do, Harry here texted me for the okay! '' I'm in deep shit...


After the group discussion it was time for the 5 Seconds Of Summer opening act. During their performance the lads went on the stage and threw pies in their faces. The fans loved it, they were cracking up and taking so many pictures. But my absolute favorite part was when the boys were coming off stage, including the 5sos boys,  and we were gonna let them get payback.  We had five more pies, but when we got backstage the sight was very amusing.

     There sitting on the couch stuffing their faces was Sydney, Ashley and Lux! But they were eating the pie facing pies. "Wow, that's all I'm gonna say.  Why are you eating the pie. What if it wad poisoned, huh? '' The older girl's swallowed the food in their mouths. Sydney looked at us, she looked disappointed kinda.'' Well you guys should be disappointed in yourselves, wasting perfectly good pie? So we saw these beautiful yummy pies and put them to good use. Lux here wanted in on it too, so we started eating them-Hey I called the apple pie!'' She ran over to Ashley and grabbed the pie out of her hand, well tried but she failed.  Ashley still had a grip on it so the dish flipped and the pie fell on the floor. The look she gave Ashley,  I'm gonna be honest. It scared the shit out of me.

Niall's P.O.V

   She was about to launch at my sugar puff. Oh I mean Ashley so I rushed in front of Ashley to protect her.  Instead of attacking Ashley,  Sydney fell to the floor. ''Nooooo! He was too young to die. He had so many mouth fulls ahead of him. Why? Why? '' We all just stood there for a moment because Sydney and Ashley were bowing their heads. ''Wow you guys for first timers you were great for the'Pie moment of silence' moment of silence.  Thanks it really meant a lot. Okay now moving on is there anymore pie?  No okay well we're hungry.'' Sydney answered and asked?  I was about to get ready for us to go out on stage next. Then I saw Luke eyeing Ashley.  I put my arm around her waist. Ashley looked up at me and smiled shyly. I smiled at her and I could see a small blush on her cheeks. It was so cute to see her flushed by one simple touch. ''I'll be back soon, okay? So after the show you guys wanna get Buffalo Wild Wings? ''As soon I said Buffalo Wild Wings,  Sydney's head popped and at everyone.  ''You do know that that's my number 1 food home. Like I live for BW3's actually for Christmas my friends got me Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards because I love them so much. So yeah we can go after the concert but Ashley already ordered a pizza.'' Alright I guess these girl's like to eat. Before I left I gave Luke a glare, just as a warning for him to stay away from BOTH girl's. Yeah,  I saw Harry claim Sydney which I knew would happen because they're perfect for each other. I walked on stage.  ''What's up Milwaukee! ?!?!!'' The fans went crazy! Omg every seat was taken!  No open spots. . . The track for 'Girl Almighty' started playing and me and the boys got to it. Some girl's were acting crazy and dangerous so security came out.  But dressed in security clothes was Ashley and Sydney escorting the trouble makers out. At the top of the stairs Paul was giving them a 'Thumbs up'. A few minutes later the girls were were returned to their seats and looked more calmed. Now it was time for tweets."Okay who's tweet will we read? Ah here's one."


@SydSquid515: "Guys we can't find the hot sauce....Oh wait there it is!When are you guys doing Twitter questions?"

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