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(Weeeell... here you have a kind of fluff-not-really-smut-chapter, lol)

Kyungsoo woke up when something stroked through his hair softly. He let out a quiet hum; "Just... Just 5 minutes more... Please." Chanyeol chuckled. "You can sleep as long as you want to, your Highness. I'm going to make us breakfast, I'm in the kitchen." Kyungsoo smiled slightly, nodded and buried his head into Chanyeols pillow. It smelled familiar ... Chanyeols scent ... Kyungsoo jumped -he was really in Chanyeols bed. And faced a half-naked-yet-half-dressed Chanyeol. "Wh-- uh." His eyes grew wide and his hands lifted the blanked. He sighted in relief. "Pweew." "Kyung! Phaha, I took my Kigurumi off because you're basically a oven." "Okay.." Chanyeol placed a kiss right above the shorters nose. Kyungsoo shook due Chanyeols fingers which roamed over the bandage on his forarm. "Oh, Let me see your arm." With that he took the bandage off and got some cream. He sighted, "Soo.. I think we should go to the hospital. It gets swollen." Chanyeol looked up at Kyungsoo, the older mans expression was full of anxiety. He shook his head. "I-- I don't like Docs!" "I don't like them either ut we have to, i want you to get better, you know." The shorter male gulped. and nodded hesitantly. "I know Chanyeol.. I just don't want to..." "And to be verry honest, I would want you to go into a mental health clinic." "No! Chanyeol, NO. I really don't want to, please..."



"Are you willing to go to the doctor with me? Just to treat your forarm."

Kyungsoo nodded silently.

The waiting room was quiet, Kyungsoo's hand was squeezing Chanyeols and Chanyeols thumb was rubbing circles into the olders hands back. "C-Chanyeol..?", Kyungsoo's voice was more like a whisper, "I'll go in there with you, right? I... I'm scared.." Chanyeol nodded, smiling. He was trying to calm the older when a nurse called them; "Do Kyungsoo? It's your turn, the doctor is waiting for you. I'll accompany you." Kyungsoo stood up and nodded, his eyes were fixed on Chanyeol who stood up now, too and still held his Hand. "It's fine, Kyung. I'm here." Kyungsoo clinged himself onto Chanyeol as they went to the room were the elder should meet with the doctor. "Hello, I'm Dr. Lee, nice to meet you. You can take a seat." So they did.

"So, I heard your friend, Mr. Park, wanted you to go here because of some incidents. What is it if I may ask, Mr. Do?", the doctor was friendly. Kyungsoo tried to trust him. "Well.. I have some trouble privatly, and I..," He squeezed Chanyeols hand harder and took a deep breath, "I harm myself. Chanyeol saw it and told me that it might be infected because it's swollen and yeah..." Dr. Lee nodded, not a hit of emotion in his face. "May I see it? I'll tell you if it's infected or not." Chanyeol rolled Kyungsoos sleeve up while the older one looked at the floor.

"Mr. Park, maybe it's easier if you answer my questions. Is it okay, Mr, Do?" Kyungsoo nodded. "Okay. Do you know what he uses to harm himself?" "I only saw that he did it with a razor blade." The doctor nodded, again, "Do you know when he's doing it? What's the cause?" "He did it yesterday, under the shower. I don't know why. I tried to cheer him up but I guess it didn't worked." "Cheer him up? What to you mean by it..? Was he sad? Why?" "He's not really cheerful. He's kind of always caught in his own little world." "Have he ever visited a psychologist?" "Nope, I wanted him to, but he didn't." "Why, Mr. Do?" "...I'm scared.." "Okay,", the Doctor kneeled in front of Kyungsoo, to fix Kyungsoos attetion onto himself, "Do I scare you?" Kyungsoo shook his head. "See. We're normal humans too, don't worry.", the doctor sighted at the last part. "So," he started again, "you would have needed stitches if you want small scars, But it's too late already. I'm only teeling you this because when you do it again, it may be too deep, and you could die on blood-loss. Call in an ambulance if you think it's too deep. Alright? And Mr. Park? I want to give you a telephone number of a psychologist, she's really nice. Kyungsoo will be treated good. Also, I'll prescribe you a cream that helps Mr. Dos wounds to heal faster."

Both left after the Doctor gave them the cream and the number.

"Hey, you did well.", Chanyeol smiled at Kyungsoo who looked down at his feet to hide the little blush that spread over his cheeks. The younger took the older ones hand und continued holding it until they arrived at Chanyeols home. He unlocked the door, you could hear someone screaming; probably arguing about something. "Kyung? Go up in my room okay? I can deal with this." "What-- Why? Are that your parents?" Chanyeol nodded, sighted and pushed Kyungsoo onto the steps.



A slapping sound.


A groan.

A door being thrown shut.

Some sobbing.

Some indecipherable whispering.

Someone going up the stairs. Then there was a Chanyeol, standing in the doorframe with glassy eyes and a red cheek.

"What happened..?", Kyungsoo asked. Chanyeol shook his head, "Nothing, it's fine." "No, It's not. I heard slaping sounds and your cheek is red. Was it your father?" Chanyeol nodded and sat himself next to Kyungsoo on the bed. "He's probably in his favorite pub right now..." Chanyeol sobbed. Kyungsoo didn't know how to comfort the boy next to himself, so he did that what he thought would be comforting. He took Chanyeols faces into his hand and caressed the cheek. "Don't cry.. it will be fine. Your Dad will realize what he has done soon." "But he's like this since.. my brother died ... 5 years ago.. he won't change."

A knock at the door was heard before Chamyeols mother came into his room,

"Do you want me to cook something or should I go and pick some food?" Mrs. Park was really nice. She cared alot about her son and he cared alot abot her. Kyungsoo thought about how it would have felt, having an intact family. "Kyungsoo? Do you want are you fine with a pizza?" Kyungsoo simly nodded. "Alright, I'll be back soon. Don't do anything stupid, Chanyeol." she smiled and kissed both boys cheeks before she left.

"Hey. Kyung. Do you want to watch a movie?" Chanyeol pulled his laptop on the king-sized bed. "Sure." "Big Hero 6?" Chanyeol smiled cheekily before clicking on play and motioning on his lap with his hands for Kyungsoo to sit on it. Kyungsoo sat himself next to him, he wasn't quite comfortable with body contact, eventhough they just slept in the same bed the night before. Chanyeol slung his arms around Kyungsoo's waist and pulled him near, head resting on the olders shoulder. ".. you smell good." "T-Thanks.. it's your own shampoo though.." "I know." The younger chuckled. His hand were on the smallers hipbones and caressed them until he lifted one und took Kyungsoos chin between thumb and index finger before making Kyungsoo look at him.

Not a second later Chanyeols lips met with Kyungsoos whose eyes widened in suprise.
Chanyeol took the lead and climbed on top of the smaller, still kissing him. Only now he noticed Kyungsoo was shaking and not kissing back, Chanyeol was enhacing their relationship quick; too quick for Kyungsoo. He let go.

"I-- I'm sorry, Oh my-- Sorry, sorry, sorry." Chanyeol climbed off the bed, he realized this wasn't right. "And my mom told me not to do anything stupid, I'm so sorry, Kyungsoo, please forgive--" A small peak on Chanyeols cheek made shut him up.

"It's fine Chanyeol.. I.. I don't know. It didn't felt wrong at all. " Kyungsoo hugged the tall boy tight; scared that he'd leave if he let go. "I'm just not used to all this. By the way... you took my first kiss.."

"Oh god, I did not-- Oh god, Kyungsoo, sorry! Your first kiss should've been something special, and now i took it, i'm so sorry!" Chanyeol worried more and more. "Chanyeol! Calm down. You are special to me. And I still have my first-second kiss left." Kyungsoo smiled as he leaned in and pressed his lips on his the taller boys; slow at first, trying not to get uncomfortable. When Chanyeol felt like Kyungsoo was relaxed he started kissing more passionate and grabbed Kyungsoos shirt.

"Chanyeol.. don't.. it's enough.. I-- sorry.." Kyungsoo mumbled, pulling his shirt down.
"Kyungsoo. I'll only go as far as you allow me to go. I don't want to hurt you, don't worry." Chanyeols thumb caressed Kyungsoos cheek.
Soon they sat there on Chanyeols bed again; Kyungsoo on Chanyeols lap and watching the movie. After a while Kyungsoo started dozing off, his back pressed against Chanyeols upper-body and eventhough Chanyeols mother came and brought food, Chanyeol didn't move a bit. I knew Kyungsoo needed rest.

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