The lightning stroked,the thunder roared. Before Pique could say anything,he passed out and collapsed onto the floor. The lights flickered and then they went out...
-Diane POV-
I opened my eyes slowly,twitching a bit.I was blinded by a light that shot me straight in the eyes
"She's awake! Doctor! She's awake!" I heard a woman scream and I slightly jumped up
I grabbed a blanket cause I didn't know where I was. I looked around and I was scared. I felt someone hold my hand and I looked up
"Dee,it's ok.Its me,its me,Shakira.Shh..Its okay." I heard Shakira whisper to me as he lightly rubbed my hand
I looked around "Where am I?Who are all these people?" I asked as I examined the 5 faces that were surround my bed
"I'm Doctor Liam Johnson,and these are my students.We were just observing you.We will send in visitors soon." The doctor said and he and his students walked out
I felt my heart race
"Dee,please. Just breath don't pass out on me again.." Shakira said as she held my hand tighter and a tear rolled down my cheek
"What do you mean by passed out? Where am I?" I asked her confusedly
"You passed out when I told Pique I was pregnant. You and Pique fell at the same time..Were at the hospital.." Shakira said with a soothing voice
I immediately sat up "Where's Pique?" I asked and I started standing up
"Diane.Please sit down.Your still pretty nauseous.Come lay back down."Shakira said,she sounded rather worried
"Where's Pique?" I said more sternly this time
She sighed "Diane.Please Sitt down.Your going to get hurt again!" She said and she stood up
"I'm not playing where's my brother?" I screamed and she started rubbing her head
"He's right here! It's Ok Ms.Pique,he's fine!" I heard the doctor say as he opened the door and he had Pique in a wheelchair and Neymar was pushing him,Pique gave me a shy smile
"Hey fagbag.." He said with a weak voice and I ran over to hug him and he hugged me back,tighter
"Are you okay?" I asked him,I was starting to loose my voice
He nodded slowly "Are you okay?" and I nodded back
I kissed Neymar's cheek and hugged him
"When will they be able to go home doctor?" Neymar asked
"They can go home today. They can't walk around much and they'll need much rest." The doctor said and we all sighed of relief. I did not wanna be in the hospital any longer.
-Back Home-
When our driver dropped us back home,the helium balloons on the front door where now dropped to the floor. The awkward and sad thing is that Pique hasn't talked to Shakira about the baby... Not a "OMG that's great babe!" or a "I love you" but a trip to the hospital and 2 injured siblings is all she got in return
Pique and I dragged ourselves to the guest room and laid down on the king sized bed. Neymar and Shakira quickly followed us,whispering.
" you guys need anything?" Neymar asked,shyly . He knew Pique was in his mood. His river blue eyes made it clear and no one dared to mess with him at that point.
"No.Can me and my sister be alone please?" He said sternly and Shakira and Neymar quickly exited the room
"Ugh." Pique sighed as he laid down
I sat up and looked at him "You didn't have to be such a douche you know.There only trying to help."
He looked at me "Do you want to leave to? If your not gonna let me rest I suggest you to get out." He spat at me
"Excuse you Gerard. I'm your sister and it's not just you that's hurt." I said
"No your being a pain right now.Your a freaking pain." He said and he turned around and laid down on his side
"What is your problem?What did I ever do to you?" I said furiously
He didn't respond.
"Fuck off Diane.Just fuck off." He finally spat
I sat up and I walked over to the door and slammed it shut. I didn't want Shakira and Neymar to hear our war that was about to happen
I walked over to his side of the bed
"What is your problem? I haven't done shit to you but being a nice caring sister!" I spat
"Diane.Please just go away." He said still not looking at me
"No! Fucking tell me what I did!Why are you being a prick right now?Why are you being rude to my boyfriend and you haven't said a word to the woman that is carrying your second child in her stomach! Your the one with the problem,not me!" I spat back at him
"How long did you know..?" He asked
"How long did I know what?" I said trying to calm myself down
"How long did you know she was pregnant? And why didn't you tell me?" Pique asked
"For awhile now.." I said
-Neymar POV-
Shakira and I were in the living room in silence. We could hear Diane and Pique screaming at each other from upstairs,it wouldn't be long until Millan woke up crying
Shakira and sat at each corner of the white luxurious couch. Shakira on the right,me on the left.
Several minuets passed and the bickering upstairs continued.Shakira started rubbing her forehead slowly
"Umm..are you okay?" I asked her
"Yeah.Im,im fine...Do you want some tea?" She said,she was trying to change the subject
"No thank you..Im so sorry about what's happening. But I'm sure things will get better." I said trying to make the situation brighter
"Thank you. I never seen Pique like this. He has the worst temper. Diane has it too..." She said "Its my fault.." She said,her voice started cracking
I walked over to her end of the couch and I hugged her "No it's not Shakira.It's not.He's just not thinking straight,don't blame this on yourself. It's not healthy for the baby." I said as I rubbed her back
"God bless you Neymar.." She said and she hugged me back. I could feel her tears sink through my shirt
-Diane POV-
"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?You know how much I hate it when people don't tell me things.Especially important things like this." Pique said furiously
"Would you stop thinking about yourself right now? This is about your second child! She's 5 months already!" I said back
"5 MONTHS? WHY DIDINT YOU TELL ME THIS EARLIER?" He yelled and I smelled alcohol in his breath
"Gerard,were you drinking last night?" I asked him,seriously and he avoided the question
Pique isn't supposed to drink much alcohol because of his lungs.Its dangerous for him
"Were you?" I asked him again and he looked away
I shook my head "This is why your like this.Your not supposed to drink in case you've forgotten." I said and he stood up and walked out of te room and I quickly followed
"Where are you going?"
He stopped and looked at me
"As far away from you as possible."
He grabbed his BMW keys and walked out the door,slamming it behind him.


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