Chapter 8

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The two cautiously walked behind the king, followed by multiple Cybermen. After a moment or two, they came upon another large room but this one had only a small controllers panel. The kings walked over to it and pressed a big blue button that awoke the system. Scattered planets were digitally floating in the air to form a massive room filled with planets. They were all different and beautiful in their own way and it made Rose sigh.
The Doctor examined the planets and walked about the room.
"Do you have a favourite?" The king asked unknowing that this man was a Time Lord.
"Well, I do!" I cant find it but i recall hearing of it long ago, as a child.
"And what is that?" The king asked curiously.
"Gallifrey... I don't know what it is." He lied.
"Gallifrey, home to the Time Lords." He swiped the screen and the planet moved about until one planet was zoomed into. "Very weird things..."
"Do you want to tell me about them?" Rose spoke up...
"Little girl, i do." He smiled falsely. "They have only one planet and are a bit too peaceful. Their planet is very earth-like but has a Sun thats a bit too strong... Its a full 4 degrees warmer!"
"But the earth isn't always the same temperature if that's what you want." Rose interrupted.
"We can create a temperature safe environment in our Cybermen once we take over the humans... Some of them are a bit week in that manor" he explained.
"Anyway, Gallifrey?" The Doctor continued.
"The earth, its going to be taken?" She worried...
"Yes, and you will be a Cyberman as well!"
"But thats not fair!"
"Rose-" the Doctor started.
"But no! You think you can take our people?" She exclaimed.
The Doctor let out an angry sigh at Rose, "Rose. Just stop, please."
She shot a glare at the Doctor and held it. He gave her a 'please' look and she cracked.
"Can i ask you, exactly when will i be killed?" He asked.
"Soon..." The king smiled. "Well now really... But just you two."
"Right." The Doctor looked at his feet. "But, as a death wish- do i get a death wish?" He asked.
"Maybe..." The king listened.
"Can i see Gallifrey? In person?"
That was it! He s a genius! Rose thought over and over.
The king sighed for a second and then spoke, "if you need to... Follow me." He waved for them to follow again and Rose quickly shuffled behind him along with The Doctor again.

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