Chapter 10

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They had found their packages fairly quick, Louis' being an orangish red and Harry's being plain black. They had their initials printed on the sides of the lids, and generally had the size of a shoebox.


As they got out of their car to walk back to the door, Harry grabbed both of their boxes and handed Louis the keys to the house, telling him to go unlock the door. He knew there was nothing for Harry to do back at the car, so he swayed his hips as he walked; giving Harry the show he wanted and giving himself pleasure as he felt his hole loosen still to accommodate to the size of the plug inside of him.

He unlocked the door quickly and turned to watch as Harry shamelessly adjusted his half-hard erection. He carefully balanced the boxes on his arm as he closed the car door and started walking towards Louis.

The smaller boy locked the car with the automatic clicker and moved out of the way so that Harry could walk through and place the boxes on the coffee table that was in the living room. He walked towards the living room as well and sat down hesitantly on the sofa, still not knowing when he was aloud to do certain things.

"Okay, so here's yours." Harry said breathlessly, still a bit worked up from the boys awe-worthy hips. It even surprised him how turned on he could get just from a few movements; but only for Louis.

He watched as Louis excitedly opened his box and chuckled light heartedly at the smile on Louis' face when he pulled out a tiny plug, one that seemed minuscule compared to how big the one filling his hole was.

"Well, now I realise what is truly expected of a submissive." Louis laughed, sitting the plug down on the counter.

"Maybe other dominants just have tiny dicks." Harry says, laughing along.

"Or maybe you just have a big one." Louis said, not even a hint of doubt in his voice which was still a bit high from laughing.

"Eh." Harry shrugged, leaning in to open the top of his box.

"What? Do I need to prove it to you?" Louis asked quietly, feeling sad that his dominant didn't think as highly of himself as he should.

"Darling, if we were to have sex right now, I wouldn't even be able to feel it because of how amazingly you are stretched." Harry said, standing up. He knew he would have to check his box later but right now he wasn't in the mood.

"Who said anything about my hole? I have a mouth right here that's as tight as you want it to be." Louis said bravely, standing up and pulling down his dominants pants slightly. He looked up at him with big eyes and pouty lips, smiling with false innocence.

"Would you like that Daddy?"

Harry sucked in a sharp breath as the pouty lipped boy rubbed his hand lightly over his bulge, quickly taking control over the situation.

"Take off my pants and show me you little cock slut." He said, somehow already knowing that Louis liked being called names. Maybe it was just their soul bond, or maybe it was the little whine that came from the small boy after the words left his lips.

Louis did as told and quickly took the hard flesh into his mouth, suctioning his cheeks around it as much as possible. Soon after, Harry had his hand in his hair, yanking him down on his cock as deep as possible. He would be concerned about the boy breathing if he didn't already know what air loss did to the boy, and how much it affected himself as well to see Louis' face turn that pretty shade of red when it got to much. So, he continued to plunge his dick down his throat until he came with a shout of 'Louis', his liquids pouring into his mouth. Louis swallowed as much as possible, feeling Harry wiping his thumb around the outside of his lips. He looked up to see Harry sucking his finger into his naturally swollen lips, and couldn't help the small jump his neglected cock made at the small wet sounds that came from the simple action.

"Was I good Daddy?" He asked, once again widening his eyes slightly, but no longer having to pout due to the swelling from the dry rub of Harry's shaft.

"Yes you were baby." Harry said, resting his hand on Louis' soft, light pink cheeks.

"Thank you Daddy." Louis said, standing up with shaky knees.

"No problem, thank you for making me feel better." He said, pecking Louis' bright red lips. He wouldn't admit it, or maybe he would, but he had to fight off another erection a few minutes later; staring at the small boys pink lips just did things to him that he was yet to be able to explain.

"You're welcome." Louis whisper hoarsely, kissing back.

"So, do you want to try opening the care packages again?" Harry asked, smiling to himself at the thought of what had just brought on the whole situation. He felt like he should probably feel guilty for basically tricking Louis into giving him a blow job, but he couldn't turn down Louis, which was something he had just noticed a few days prior, and so even if he did feel guilty it was a waste of feelings.

"Oh! Yes please." Louis said, once again bouncing in his spot. He sat back down in his seat and returned to the open box.

Pulling out a large slip of little pill packets, he swore under his breath. He was grateful for the fact that his body didn't start the chance of reproduction until he started taking pills, because he had had bareback sex with Harry about four times since he got to his house, and he knew that his chances of getting pregnant while fertile were basically 100%.

He sat those down on the table and reminded himself to start taking his pills before grabbing something else from the package, which happened to be soothing oil. He was slightly appalled to think that anyone would ever have to use this, a dominant was never supposed to go as far as his submissive needing something to sooth them, but realised quickly that he would probably need this some day if he was going to perform in anything that involved being tied up.

The next thing he pulled out, or more like things, was a bunch of tiny colourful bottles of lube. He giggled to himself and looked up to Harry to see him smiling at Louis with a look of admiration in his eyes. He shook his head to himself and sat the bottles down, moving on to the next thing; a plain black blindfold.

He found himself confused once again; why would a pairing need these things, did the pairing administration think that every couple was completely unprepared? But instead of confusing himself any further he sat it aside with the tiny plug and continued back into his box.

Pulling out a long coil of rope, he quickly sat that down on the table and reached into his box and pulled out the last thing; an oblong matte black box that looked similar to a necklace container. He smiled giddily, knowing exactly what was sitting in the box in his hands; his collar.

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