Chapter 6

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Aura Pov.

It's been about two days of me resting up, as Quinten calls it.

I was itching to shift into my jaguar form. It almost hurt not to. Esspecially since I'd been in that form for a while.

"Please can you take me home," I pleaded with Quinten.

He roughly pushed his hand through his hair and sighed," You still have stitches in. I'm sorry but no."

Standing up I went to the slidding door made of glass,"Can I at least go outside please."

I had walked right into it one day when I was looking outside. Then Quiten had told me what it was and shown me how to open it. I had to admit I was impressed.

Quinten nodded and opened the door. I walked out and immediately I made a run for it. It hurt because my arm was swinging.

I could here people running after me and as I ran I realized I had no idea where I was.

Slowly my speed decreased because I faced the fact that I had no idea where I was.

"What did you run for," Quinten said grabbing my good arm. He panted slightly.

There was always something about when he touched me. The way I felt. I couldn't put my finger on it.

With a sigh I didn't answer but slowly walked back because there was know way I would figure out how to get back to my jungle.

My stomach growled and Quiten started to turn me to the kitchen. I looked around at all the people.

It was just like my village. I loved it so much. Once we were in the kitchen he pulled open a large white machine.

Walking closer I put my hand close and it just was cold inside with a small light.

"What is this," I asked staring in amazment.

Quinten laughed at me saying,"Its a fridge and it keep things cold."

After I ate we went back to my room to change. I put on pants and a shirt that Quinten gave me.

"Do you want to play a game?"

I looked over at him with a questioning glance. I honestly wasn't sure if I would know how to play any games he knew.

"What kind?" I asked standing and slowly walking towards him.

Smiling he pulled out a board and a small bag with chip looking things in them,"It's called checkers."

Checkers. What was checkers? How did you play? I didn't want him to think I was an idiot.

Gently he pulled me by my good arm towards the glass door. Opening it he put the stuff on a table and pulled a chair out for me. I sat and so did he.

After he explained the game we started to play. I was quite fun but after a while my jaguar almost hurt staring at the jungle.

I looked out at the trees with a sighed.

I was scared the Hunter would find the rest of them. I didn't want them hurt.

"We can go for a walk if you promise not to try to run. It's honestly just for your safety," Quinten said as he looked at my longing face.

Nodding I stood,"I promise."

We walked through the woods and it was wonderful. All the birds and other animals. As we walked I let my good hand graze the trees and leaves.

There was a loud gun shot and I flinched. Grabbing Quinten I hit behind him waiting to feel the pain. I held back tears as another gun shot went off.

My entire body was shaking. Quinten pulled me in front of him and I buried my face into his chest.

"It's fine. No one is shooting at us. They are just shooting at animals for dinner. Or there is some kind of wild cat."

Once he said this I pushed him out of the way sprinting towards the gun shots. They couldn't shoot cats. It could be someone I knew.

I heard Quinten behind me trying to get me to stop. When I reached the person shooting I saw the man aiming at a growling leopard.

Getting right up to him I threw the gun out of his hand yelling at him. Quinten finally caught up and apologized to the guy.

I could tell this man wasn't a hunter but just protecting himself. He didn't have to. She was part of my tribe.

Walking directly towards her I smiled and crouched down in front of her. I pet her head and she purred.

"Are there any others," I asked her hoping there were.

She bobbed her head and my smile widened. Scratching under her chin she lied down.

Quinten came over to my side and she growled menacingly.

"He is fine. He is good."

She gave me a curious look and walked up tentatively. Quinten put his hand out. He always smelled like one of us so she immediately welcomed him.

I just based his smell with him being in the jungle. It would make sence.

After Quinten pet her for a bit she retreated into the jungle silently. That's when Quinten said,"How did you just walk up to her."

"You have to understand and be kind."

That was all I said. It was true if we could tell you were no harm we would approach you.

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