Panic Attack

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My emotions swirl inside of me. I can't PenPoint my emotions. I never could, emotions doesn't come easy to me. Never has. My emotions bubble up, becoming to much for me. My body shakes.

I crawl to the edge of my bed. Slowly I stand on my feet, but my legs give out. The walls start to close in on me. Blood oozes from the walls.

I feel a panic attack coming on. "Mom! Dad!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Footsteps runs up the stairs.

The door thrust open showing my scared parents. "It's happening again!"

Mom and dad runs over to me. Helping me stand by lifting my arms. I stand on shaky legs. Grabbing a pair of sweats they help me put them on. They help me down the stairs, into my moms car.

Mom and dad helps me in the car. Mom gefting in the back with me. Dad gets in the driver side. He reverses and pulls out the driveway on his way to the hospital.

Mom takes her phone out of her pocket and dials my therapist number. "Tiffany! Drew is having a panic attack! We are on our way to the hospital!"

Then mom hangs up. Dailing another number. "Joseph! We're taking Drew to the hospital! Tell your sister!"

Then she hangs up. She wraps her arms around me, bringing me into her chest. With my eyes close I try to breathe, but my chest hurts.

The last thing I see and hear before blackness takes me is mom screaming my name.

My pack watches as Drew crawls to the edge of the bed. When he stands he falls to the floor. He screams for his parents. A few seconds later his parents throw open the door.

"It's happening again!" He yells panic in his voice.

His parents run over to him helping him stand and put sweats on him before helping him out the room.

I turn to Joseph and Josephine. "What's happening to him?"

"I don't know!" They both say at the same time with fear in their voices.

Shifting into our wolves, the twins climb on to their mates. We take off. On our way, Joseph's phone rings.

"Joseph! We're taking Drew to the hospital! Tell your sister!" The scared voice of their mom reaches my ears.

She hangs up as we reach the community. Everyone shifts back. Putting on clothes, we run to our cars. Getting in, my parents comes out.

"What's the matter son?" Mom ask me.

"Drew is going to the hospital!" Mom and dad jumps in their car and follows us to the hospital.

Parking. I jump out and run into the building. Running to the counter, I say Drew's name.

She points us to the direction. Running, with my friends, and family. We get to the waiting area where Drew's parents are waiting. His mother in tears.

His parents see their youngest children. Running over to them, they hug. "Mom! Dad! What's wrong with Drew?" Josephine ask in a scared voice.

Mr. And Mrs. Gatewood looks at each other. "I guess we can't hide if forever."

Taking the twins hands. They sit in the chairs. "Drew was diagnosed with schizophenia and pyschic depression. He just had a panic attack. His therapist is with him now."

Shock fills me and the twins. My mate has a mental disorder. My poor baby. At least he's getting help.

The laughter of my mate has me turning my body to see Drew and a tall woman with strawberry blonde hair talking.

I eavesdrop on their conversation. "Just remember the techniques I tought you when you feel a panic attack coming on."

"It's hard remembering then when I feel it coming." They stop in the hallway.

"You did good about calling your parents. Just Remember to take your meds and everything will be okay." She tells him.

They start to walk towards the waiting room. Mrs. Gatewood sees Drew, running to him, she throws herself at him.

"My baby!" She sobs in his chest. Drew wraps his arms around her.

"I'm sorry for worrying you." Drew tells her. The woman tsk.

"Drew! What did I tell you that when it comes to your wellbeing, you have nothing to be sorry for. Now when I see you next. I want to hear good things." His therapist tells him.

Drew nods. "See you later."

Drew walks over to his dad, hugging each other. His dad blows out a breathe. "You scared me kiddo."

Drew looks to me. An emotion crosses his eyes. I can't tell what it is. His eyes move pass me to his siblings.

"Drew?" They say.

"Do they know?" He ask his parents.

They nod guiltily. Drew looks angry but then he takes a deep breathe. "I didn't want them to know."

"I know baby, but they are your siblings. They needed to know. You hidden it from them for long enough." Dad tells Drew on a serious voice.

"I know." Drew tells him. "Can we leave now? I'm hungry!"

"What would you like baby?" His mom ask him.

"A spicy Italian." Drew moans rubbing his stomach.

Mr. and Mrs. Gatewood turns to us. "Would you like to go to Subway with us?" My mom walks over to them.

They introduce each other. We all get in our cars and drive to Subway. The car is silent on our way to the restaurant.

Parking. I watch as Drew jumps out the car. "Come on! I'm starving!" He acts like he didn't just have a panic attack.

He runs into the the subway and orders his sandwich. We all order our food. Sitting at a table. I sit by Drew as he devours his sandwich. He must really been hungry.

When we are done, Drew is patting his tummy. "That was good."

When everyone is done. We leave the building. Getting in our cars, we drive home, Drew and I go separate ways.

My minds at peace knowing Drew's alright. It scares me. My mate's mental ability scares me. But I know know one thing is for sure.

I'll be there for him whenever he needs it.

And that's a promise.

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