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(Vikk's POV)
Even my heart beat raced up when that girl asked that question. She was like 7! To blonde hair. In pigtails. Rosy cheeks. If we gave her one of those swirly lollipops that are huge. Blush up her cheeks to a red she'll look like those little girls in movies that knows everything!

(Poofy's POV)
"Maybe." I looked over to my right, and so did Vikk.
Lachlan was sitting their. Looking at me. Where is he going with this.
"KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS!!!!!!!!" I looked at the crowd. Their eyes were like dinner plates, mouths open screaming kiss, more like chanting.
Vikk was sitting their wide eyes too.
"I don't know can I kiss your man?" I asked Vikk.
The crowd laughed.
"Screw it." Lachlan finally said.
Next thing I know Lachlan's lips were on mine.
The crowed cheered, clapped, and screamed.
My shocked face melted. And I melted into this kiss.
Lachlan removed his smooth lips that fits perfectly into mine.
He sat back down in his chair. And he asked a question. And only one for me.
"Now I have a question! And only one for Poofy!" He said into the microphone.
My heart beat fastened.
(Lachlan' pov)
"Ashley Marie." Everyone was on the end off their seats by now.
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
She hesitated, I already knew the answer, but I got nervous.
"Sorry Lachlan but I already have a boyfriend."
My heart shattered into a million pieces.
"Oh... Who?"
I looked into the audience to see a boiling Mackenzie.
"You dumbass!"


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