The Gates (Judgement Day)

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"The Gates (Judgment Day)"

I know what you're thinking
"What am I gonna do with you?"
I could sit here and make excuses
Complain about everything i went through
But i can't, I don't have the right words to say
I don't know if I deserve to be forgiven
If i've lead a good life, or squandered it away

I wish there was a simple answer to give
A simple reason why, but in truth and all honesty
Even I don't know, I just gave up and chose to die
I didn't know who or what I was to become
I just knew I didn't like the person that i was
Feeling like I had to look like everyone else does

It broke my whole heart and all my spirit
It shattered them into millions of tiny pieces
I was left behind, picking up all the scraps
As life felt as it had become totally ceaseless

I guess what I'm really trying to say is
I gave up because, they didn't believe in me and didn't care
I lost my hope and my faith, when no one was there
My one an only regret, is never staying strong
Choosing the one and only life I could've had
And living without them, and proving them all wrong

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