Chapter 3: Piss and Defeat

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"Leftover mashed potatoes and tomato soup for dinner, and chocolate pudding for desert. Damn, it's not even my birthday." Rexha says, as we make our way down the lineup for food. "Man, we better quit being so cooperative before they expect bigger things from us." I add.
We head for our table when we see that It's taken by some new guy. Jay stops in his tracks and gives both Rexha and I a look we've never seen before. It's a mix of shock and relief and the next thing we know he's babbling.
"My god, is that a dude? A frickin dude? Can we keep him? I'm tired of being out numbered!" Jay pleads. He takes off before either of us could respond, he's basically running towards the poor guy. We chase after Jay who's already sitting down and associating with new guy.

When we reach the table, Jay offers us a seat and says, "Barnaby, this is Rexha.". He gestures to Rexha who chuckles.
"Barnaby, huh?" She says.
He's in the middle of chewing his food so he simply nods.
"I thought you looked a little sad behind the eyes. Case closed." She adds, smirking at her so called accomplishment. I nudge her and she shoots me a glare then proceeds to eating her meal. I offer Barnaby a warm smile and say, "I'm Karmen. It's nice to meet you, Barnaby." Barnaby smiles back, "Hi." He says, "Is the food always this bad?"
I look down at my plate then look back up at Jay and Rexha who are both in stitches and I can't help but join in. Barnaby's completely lost. Rexha stops for air, "He's fucked!" She says.
I'm leaned over the table with my arms crossed and my head down on top of them. I look up in time to catch a glimpse of Barnaby, who's totally insulted.

Okay so maybe this wasn't the best first impression we could have given the boy.

I stop laughing and apologize. Soon after, Jay and Rexha mimic my actions.
"Welcome to Juvie, kid." Rexha says,
"Stick with us, we'll walk you through it." Jay adds,
"You get used to the smell of piss and defeat." I say.

He looks a little less tense now. Phew.
The 5 minute warning bell goes off, signaling us kids to start heading down to our cells for daily room inspections.
"C'mon Barny," I say. Barnaby looks up in awe at what I've just called him. I stutter, "C-can I call you that?".
"Yeah of course! You can all call me that." He says, "I'm shocked you came up with that, actually. It's what everyone I've ever known used to call me."
Jay giggles. "Let's go Barny, i'll show you to your cell and teach you how to clean it to meet the guards' standards." He lays one hand on Barny's shoulder and directs him to his cell.
Jay refused to share a cell with anyone who was either a girl or messed up in the head. And since the majority of us here are a little on the "crazy" side, as far as I know, he's been without a roommate since he got here.

It's past ten now, everyone's back in their cells. Jay finished teaching Barny how to make his bed about ten minutes ago and they went to sleep right after. I guess all that bed-making was for nothing. I will never understand boys.
Rexha's reading her 'Pores' magazine with her small lamp on 'dim' mode.
I've been in bed for about thirty minutes but I just can't fall asleep. Rexha's really only awake because she's...entitled, and stubborn.
So I sit up straight and say, "Barny seems kinda cool, huh?". Rexha peeks up from her magazine, "Yeah he's alright." She says. She looks me up and down and adds, "Your shirt, I think it's inside out...". I quickly glance down at my shirt to confirm that it really is inside out. I'm pulling it over my head when I hear Rexha gasp.
"What? Did I rip it?" I say, flipping my shirt back inside right and thoroughly examining it for any signs of tearing. Nothing.

"Right there," she points at my left side. "Below your ribs. What did you do?" She adds, gawking at my side. Her pointed finger still floats in mid air.
I feel around for the area which she's trying to direct me to and wince when I hit the spot. I guide my eyes down to my rib cage and catch myself staring down at a dark blue bruise forming from my left side. It stretches out until it reaches the center of my stomach, hovering above my navel.

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