"Hurry hurry hurry!" Phil says to me and Esme as he hurries us into the tube.

"I don't understand why we have to leave so early when class starts at eight." Esme says.

"It takes a while to get from the apartment, into town, into a tube, out of the tube, out of town, and to your school." Phil says.

"Where's Dan? Wasn't he supposed to come today?" I ask.

"Yes but we ran out of food so he ordered some and went to town to buy some things we needed. Also new clothes for you both. Shoes, shirts, and jeans." He explains.

Esme and I nod and the tube comes to a stop. The doors open and everyone piles out of it and we walk out of town.

"Isn't VidCon like four months away?" Esme asks.

"Yup. It's in June and we have to be there." Phil answers.

"My birthday's in June." Esme says.

Phil stops walking.

"June what?" He asks.

"Fourteen." She answers.

"Dan's birthday is on the eleventh of June." Phil says and begins to walk again.

"What do you want for your birthday?" He asks as we stop at a crosswalk.

"I'm not sure. I don't want to ask for anything too expensive or something." Esme says.

The light turns green and we walk across the intersection.

"Don't be silly! Kim when is your birthday? What do you want?" Phil asks.

"October seventeenth. I'm not sure what I want either." I say.

"I think I might know what I might like." Esme says.

"And that is?" Phil asks.

"A camera. One like yours." She says.

"Guaranteed you'll get it. Now you Kim." Phil says and stops walking once more.

We were at our school already.

"A trip to somewhere I haven't been. I've been wanting to go somewhere different. I've been in California, Australia, and now London. I want something different." I say.

"I have an idea on where. You will find out later in the year. Well have a nice day in school." Phil says and hugs us both and walks down the street.

"What do you mean you like her?!" I asked.

"I do! But she's with that dude, what's his name...Matthew!" He said.

"You can't like her! She's my sister and you're my best friend! That's weird!" I say.

"I know that but I really like her and I need her in my life! Please do something!" He begs.

"If she finds out I was the one who broke them up she'll kill me." I say. "We have this bond! I trust her! She's trusts me! I can't betray her like that!"

"Fine then I'll have to win her over myself." He says and stands from the lunch table.

"Fine. I'll do something. But if it messes anything up between me and her, you're dead." I say.

"Yes! Thank you! Thank you! thank you!" He says and hugs me.

"Don't mention it." I say while pushing him off.

"Esme!" I say as she walks up to me and the group.

"Hello." She says, Matthew standing next to her.

"So are you guys like a thing now or..?" I ask anxiously.

"No. We're only friends." Esme says, she gives me a look and I nod.

She wanted to talk about it later.

"Oh well that's great for me because I have someone who seems to love you." I say.

"Oh really? Who?" She smirks.

"Someone closer than you think." I say and wait for her to look at Juan and Bayron.

She looks back at me and blushes. You see, Juan is a really nice boy but he's dated a lot of girls and finds a new girlfriend every few months and I don't want him to play Esme like a new video game, beat it, then leave it there forever. There's no point of doing that. I also don't want to be the one to hook them up because if something does go wrong then she'll blame me and won't trust my anymore. I trust her and if she doesn't trust me then I can't ask for anything and she won't tell me anything personal.

"So who? Bayron?" She asks me as we put our backpacks on the floor of our room.

"Juan." I say and look at her.

She looks back at me and blushes a deep red.

"Tell me everything." She says.

After I told her the whole story from when they first met to today when I gave her the hint, she was astonished.

"Dude. How could I have been so blind?!" She says.

"I dunno. You might be blind or stupid. Either way they're both bad." I joke.

She glares at me.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny. I mean I know I flirt a lot without knowing but I didn't think it would lead to him liking me." She says.

"Loving you. You mean loving you." I correct.

"He loves me?!" She asks.

"He's been liking you for five months of course he loves you. But what about Dan and Phil? What about Matthew? I thought you had a thing for him." I say.

"I did but he Fangirls too much and we hardly ever talk about things other than living with Dan and Phil and being able to speak to Adrian. And for Dan and Phil? They'll be angry with me. They like Matt. And if I bring in a new boy they won't like him, especially cause he's not from here." She explains.

"Well I don't know." I say.

Esme's phone goes off and she answers it saying "hello?".

"Hey Matt. Um what's up?" She asks nervously.

"Um. Matt? I already told you. We're just friends. We have nothing in common except for the fandoms we're in." She says sweetly.

I role my eyes and snatch the phone from her hand and put it up to my ear.

"Hey Matthew! You lost your luck bro! Why don't you take your fandoms with you and go shit in your hand!?" I say and hang up.

"You're welcome."


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