After the day I had I really don't feel like talking to none one. How dare Marie say all that stuff to me about Trey. I didn't want our reunion to feel like it did back in high school when she was telling what to do when it came to Trey. I just wanted to leave him out of the equation this time around but it seems like he is still a factor.

Why is she still hung up on Trey after all these years is confusing to me. You would think that they were exes by the way she gets when his name comes up.

I sat up on my bed when my phone ring for the tenth million time in a row in the five minute time span. I looked at the number not recgonzing it and against my better judgement I picked up.

"Hello," I said not caring.

"Open your door" Just from the voice I knew who it was.

I sighed, "I don't..." he cut me off, "Open the door Melanie, im out here"

And with that he hung up. Who does he think he is barking orders at me like im his pet. I only got up to get the door to give him a peice of my mind.

I opened the front door and sure enough Trey was standing there. I opened my mouth ready to speak but he beat me to it, "We need to talk," He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he just invited himself in.

"Who told you, you can come in" I complained.

"You wanna have a conversation in the hall?"

"I don't want to have no conversation right now especially not with you"

"Well im not taking no for an answer"

I sighed as I closed the door. Trey was just standing around so I walked past him and went to sit on the couch. He followed me and sat right next to me. "Im sick off this," he confessed.

"Sick of what?"

"This back and forth game we do, we have feelings for each other Melanie, you can't deny it so why aren't we together?"

"It's because of you"

"Me" he pointed to himself, "No Mel it's because of you, i've been waiting for you for years Mel..years"

"That's kind of hard to believe when everytime I see you you're with another girl"

"I said I waited for you Mel, I ain't say nothing about putting my life on hold. what you thought I was suppose to sit around and not be involved with anyone until you made up your mind?"

"No but you could have atleast acted like it affected you, God!" I threw my hands up, "I turned you down that one night and the next day you had a girl"

"You told me there was no chance we would be together and you can't still be holding onto something that happened years ago,"

"Yes I can because nothing has changed,"

"Everything has changed Mel, we live across the hall and the only time we talk is when our mail gets mixed up and as for other women, that's what they are, other women. Im not trying to wife any of them up or be in a relationship, how can I be with someone else when im in love with you."

I stared at him. Did he just say he love me. He only told me that one time before and that was a long time ago, "You what?"

"Im in love with you Melanie...always been and always will"

I wanted to smile but I couldn't. I wanted to jump on him and kiss him for the rest of the night but I didn't. This is just too good to be true. I don't think he knows how long I wanted to hear him say that. Something has to be up. Something is always up.

"Don't lie to me Trey"

"Im not lying, you know me better than that, I mean what I say"

"But we can never be Trey and you know that"

"No I don't know that Melanie so explain it to me"

The look on his face made me feel bad. I saw that look before. The night he came to my house to talk to me when we were 15 and we had a conversation similar to this. I felt like it was happening all over again.

I looked away and sighed, "Because who you are doesn't work with who I am"

"Melanie im tired of all these shitty ass excuses"

"They aren't excuses"

"Yes they are, for once speak from your heart and not from your mind"

"What do think I been doing, im tryna save myself from getting hurt"

"So you think I would hurt you" He chuckled. "Wow, you really need to tell your friends to get out of your ear"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, we could never be happy together because you had your friends putting bullshit in your ear"

"Cause they are my friends and they were looking out for me"

"One Mel, they were your friends those bitter bitches don't give a damn about you now and your still going off what they say"

"No I go about what I see and don't call them out there names"

"Why not, im sure they call me all kinds of shit, and two, if I had you..." he took my hand into his and looked me in the eyes, "I would never hurt you"

And I believe him, "Do you love me?" he asked.

"Yes" I love him more than anything.

He smiled, "So how about this, we take things slow"

"Keep talking,"

"We start dating, not jump into a relationship"

"Thats good but you have to date me and only me"

"Hoes out the window"

I giggled, "Ugh Trey shut up" He laughed too, "So when is our first date?"

He put his arm around me and leaned in close to my ear, "Now"

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