shitty moms...

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Ok so this is dedicated to all the shitty mums out there. I know a friend who's mum calls her a bitch everyday.Like are u serious. My friend now has a second name, Bitch. But that's not the only name the shitty mother has for her, Jackass retarded, bitch, asshole...probably more. The name calling is so bad that her little brother calls her stupid and retarded. And he's only 5! What kind of family is this? Like the mother doesn't like being called a bitch and a hoe in front of her kids yet she does it to her daughter. Her daughter is depressed stressed and kind of loosing her hair in the front. I feel like my friend is lost. She doesn't know what to do. And then she's getting more stressed cause she's changing schools and she's going to have to wake up earlier and have to make new friends. But the name calling she had lived with all her life when she told her other friend about her mom calling her retarded her friend laughed and took it as a joke. I don't think she a good friend, she's horrible. I'm like the only understanding friend she has even though i don't go through what she does. I feel like all her other friends don't like her and understand her the way i do. I have no idea why she's friends with them. But than again they live closer to her than i do. So since she has been living with this kind of treatment her whole life i think she's getting confused with her mother and all the other mothers out there.There's a difference between true mothers and shitty hoes who had to may kids. So recently my friend also went to an interview to get into a high school and she told me that before she left her mother was like " omg! look at the side of your face! its filled with pimples!" Like are you fucking kidding me!!! Way to go hoe great way to boost your daughters self esteem. Like we all have acne some worse than others but sometimes other people don't notice that and only focus on the person there talking with and who they really are. One of my other friends have really bad acne but i don't care i like her cause sh's my friend and i focus on who she really is and how wonderful she is.( idk if that made sense but u get what i'm saying.) If any of you have problems like this or just anything you want to talk to me about kik me and we can talk. STAY AWESOME LOVES> HAVE A GREAT DAY!

KIk: sheypal

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