I woke up the next morning to an angry Katy giving me a murderous look. I do not want to explain anything right now, especially since I she forced me to talk for an hour yesterday. It was 6AM for goodness sake's!

I buried my head under the comforters, blocking any source of light. Coldness ran over me when I felt the covers being forcefully yanked off my warm body.

"Mariah, do you have any idea how worried we've all been! You were supposed to be back at 8:30! Mum and I were even thinking of calling the police!" She glared at me with venomous eyes.

I adjusted my eyes to the light and replied. "Hey, it wasn't my fault Tom kept me in during that long meeting! I'm sure I didn't even have to be in it! It went on for hours!"

"Well you could have even called or text me about the situation! I don't even know why you are my best friend."

"Because you love me." I yawned.

"Wait a minute. Tom? As in Tom Harring? The Tom we know? The one that you were supposed to be married to? Mariah if you want to make it out of this room, you better give me answers." She pointed a finger at me.

"No, not now. We need to get ready for work. I'll tell you when we have time." I got up from my bed.

"But-!" She looked at the time and sighed. "Fine but you have to tell me sooner or later."

"Yeah, yeah." I waved her off then went to the bathroom.

After my shower I went back into my empty room. Katy must have gone to get ready herself. I picked out a formal cream dress with black elegant designs on the outlines. I paired it with nude stilettos and light pink accessories. For makeup I added a little bit of pink blush, mascara and light pink lipstick. I also grabbed my white coat that I bought the other day. Weather forecast said it was going to be a bit chilly in the evening

Once ready, I grabbed my essentials and went downstairs to see Helen in her work suit and Katy in her Barista uniform finishing off breakfast. I went over to them to help until Katy's dad, Lucas, came down and greeted everyone.

"Wow, smells great." He attempted to take one of the bacon, but Helen smacked his hand away with a spoon. Lucas jumped back nursing his hand.

"Ouch, I'm just hungry." He held his hands out in defense.

"Well you'll have to wait until food is ready." Helen continued to serve breakfast.

Lucas went behind Helen and hugged her from behind.

"I'm just admiring the work of my lovely wife." He kissed her cheek. Helen smiled and turned around in his arms.

"Well you're going to do that to Katy and Mariah because they helped too." She laughed with Lucas until he bent down and lightly kissed Helen's lips.

"Eww! Gross mum, dad." Katy covered her eyes while I chuckled.

"I guess I have to follow your mother's orders." He proceeded to Katy arms open with puckering lips.

"Don't you dare, dad." She held her spoon in the way swiping it from side to side to defend herself.

"Fine." He held his head down and went back to hugging his wife until food was ready.

I looked at the happy couple and remembered my parents. Maybe I shoul-

"Okay everyone dig in!" Helen shouted.


On our way to work, I told everything to Katy from when I came back from lunch till when I got back home.

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