haunted house

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So story starts up this way 6 people grant,saint,Jose,Anna,Ben,haris.so grant actually rents a house where the house is actually haunted 200years ago so grant calls up all of them to investigate the house so there was a guard who was saying that this house is haunted so they better go back.but grant and his friends dint even listen to the guard so the guard gave them the key.but they actually dont know what had happened to this house so the first day it was morning so grant all of them got settled in their own rooms so grant and Anna shared their room so they checked the internet about the house they were staying in so the house name was the mayor house and in this all those things happens which was so haunting murders,happend but most important thing they said that the people who stayed there were either murdered or killed by the ghost in that house but they were confident that nothing would happen to them what happend with others so they started investigating the house and they found blood stains,in most of the places and they got many evidences so it was night so Jose had a recording machine which they could use to communicate with the ghost so the tried to ask question like why are u still haunting this house?what is the reason behind this but the answer they got was"KILL"and they understood one thing that this ghost is is actually irritated so they went to sleep but grant felt something weird going on the doors moving on its on and Anna when ever she sees the mirror she actually sees some one behind her this all just the starting but was soon going to be the end.so then at night 6 of them sit down on the dinnig table and try and talk to the ghost and they could get only disturbence of voice and hear "KILL" so they were trying to investigate about this word kill so grant told every to walk around the house so suddenly Anna started screaming and when she saw a women hanged a drop of blood coming from her toe and she was saying KILL and all of them were shocked of what happens they heard in the next house scream of a women and they runner out of the house and went to the neghibour house and they rushed there and  they saw her body riped in half and there was nobody there and they called the police and told about this and asked them was this murder or was it a ghost killing but the police had searched the house in every side but they found no evidence and they this was no murder because there was knife or splatter of blood on the wall but the full room was off blood.And it was really haunting to them what was happening and they returned back to the haunted house and inside the machine to talk to the ghost was not there and they thought that this was and when Anna went to her room and they heard her scream and they went up and they saw Anna dead but without a scratch in her body they called the police and they saw two murders on the same day and they told them that this nothing to do with murders so they told them to call a priest in the house to see if there is a ghost or a bad soul 

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