Ok so quick short fanfic

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(A/N this one kinda leads off of "What Does Kiss Mean?" Slight sabriel for anybody who likes it.)

Sam dropped the groceries and stared wide eyed at his elder brother kissing Castiel, the angel. Dean heard the groceries dropping and quickly pulled away,"ummmm...so yea...That's what kiss means..."

He trailed off as Cas stared at him intently. His blue eyes glowing and then fading away. The fallen angel looked over at Sammy,"Do you know what kiss means?"

"Yes. Yes Cas trust me. I have had sex."
Dean rubbed the back of his neck and laughed nervously.
Sam folded his arms,"Ummmm...so do you guys do this every time I go out?"

"Hey! He wanted to know what kiss meant and when I explained it he didn't understand. So I-"

"Took advantage. Dean-"Sam burst out laughing,"Dean. Cas call Dean Big D from now on."

Cas tilted his head,"why?"

"Because then you can say,'I want my Big D."

Dean slogged Sam's shoulder. He glared as Sam laughed so hard that he fell over and hit his head on the table,"Oh sonavabetch....."

Dean now laughed,"Forget Bull in a china shop when you have moose."
Sam glared and stood up. He opened his mouth to speak but Cas interrupted,"Why is Gabriel making weird faces at you through the window."

The brothers whipped there heads around to see Gabriel using blowjob motions, and Sam laughed, as Dean flipped him off.
Next thing they knew Gabe was next to Sam and smirking,"well ya know Sammy, we knew this would happen eventually."
Castiel looked over to his brother confused,"I do not understand."
The archangel laughed,"kisses where Dean gave them are only given to people they love. As in how Dean screwed with Anna love."

Castiel raised and eyebrow,"wait Dean...." He scratched his head and looked over to see Dean beet red and trying to strangle Gabe. Sam laughed until he felt arms wrap around his waist,"so Moosie Moosie....its our turn then?" He bit Sam ear and The moose kicked his balls and backed away,"no,"he said flatly.

Dean glared,"Sammy do NOT bend over anywhere near him all right?"

"Yea Cas if you wake up with a sore arse it's because Dean-"

"Stop it Gabe."

"Well you know it's gonna happen-"

"Fuck off."

"Well I know that you will fuck up Castiel's"

Sam covered his ears and Dean covered Cas's. " alright kids let the adults talk."
Gabe disappeared and Dean let go of Cas.
"Well then. Have fun with your angel-just not while I'm here please."

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