Rude Awakening

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I have been walking for what seems like forever on a red road. At first I thought the road was red because of all the red paint cans. Until I notice all the dead bodies. All the parts and wires mixed with flesh covering the already dying land. I scream as one of the bodies looks straight at me moaning. "Wake uppp", it moans in a womanly voice. "Help me my son...." She goes to grab me and I go to run but I cant move. I panic as she lunges at me strangely thinking about how bad her breath smells. Great last thoughts I tell myself as the possessed thing grabs me shaking me hard. It raises its claws to kill me...and instead slaps my face hard. "Owwww what DA fuck!" I look back expecting to see the thing glaring but instead see something even more creepier than it. My horrifying step sister. 

"Get up!", she yells, tugging my ears. She knows I hate having my ears tugged. Every warlock I know of has normal ears but I have pointy ones. It is due to my dad loving a faerie then moving on and embracing another witch. I never knew much about my mom. All dad would say was that she was a traitor and that All-Mother had damned her from eternal life. Thanks dad, exactly what a 19 year old kid confused about life wants to hear. " Jaden gratten siphius! Are you even listening to me!!!" I swear her voice could make a deaf man blind. OK new task for today is also to make better jokes. "Sis why do I have to be up anyway. I don't have anything to do today." "Seriously Jaden? You're lucky I don't slap you again. You're cyberMagick procedure is today remember??" ....Oh shit. Human if you're new to the whole downworlder way of life you guys put us in let me bring you to speed. Thanks to the All-Mother being drunk on pollution, we are kinda fucked up too. See we have a special bond through her with magic that keeps us alive. Lately magic has been running low due to the fact All-Mother is dying. So now whenever a kid downworlder first shows signs of magic we are required to become cyborgs.  Nobody seems to think that there is a better solution while I can name a few but, no we have to receive a special gift. In order to keep each other healthy we receive a cyberMagick. The gist of which is that  it recycles any magic our body uses instead of returning to the earth. Used to be a cycle of us using magick and All-Mother would recycle it and return it to us through a moon ritual. All-Mother is poisoned though so its not an option. Strange thing is ever since my magick awakened this week, I've been having these strange dreams. Not even nightmares but more like visions. My doctor said I'm just scared of the upcoming procedure which I am. I get scared of bugs and tags on my shirt. Even worse is I'm scared of coffee! So he may be right but I've had a feeling like All-Mother has been talking to me. Which is really dumb since she hasn't talked to a single downworlder in like forever. I finish getting dressed and leave my room meeting my dad and Lydia in the foyer. Lydia is my witchy step mom. I should say bitchy, but hey both names work. "Oh look at him Jassen, I'm so proud of him. Don't worry Jaden it only hurts until after the procedure is done" Thanks Lydia very comforting news you freaking mother- "Son". I'm startled as my dad pulls me in for a hug. "Be strong today and do not worry. The car is here to take you with the other candidates. Be careful of what you say and don't let them see your magicks color understood?" I nod slowly looking into his bloodshot eyes. "Yes sir I know." See we have special magick and the power is told by the color. My family has the gift of white and gold magick. No other person wields it but me. Mom had white and dad has gold. I inherited both which is unknown and dad is scared the government would try to take me. "I'll be fine dad I won't show off or anything do not worry." My father just weakly smiles. I walk out and prepare to get in the van and wave goodbye to my family. Not knowing we wouldn't be family much longer.

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