He cheats 2

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You mentally scream and turn around quickly.

"Y/N.. please just hear me out." he says quietly.

"Okay? I really don't care what you have to say anymore." You scoff.

"She came into my room, you know I was confused so I said that you weren't there and she was like 'I know Dylan I came for you', and then she kissed me and I didn't even know what was happening until you came in, after you left I kicked her out."

You shift uncomfortably and stare at him with a blank face.

"Really? Why didn't you kiss back? She's so much prettier than me, she's skinny, she ha-"

"Y/n, I don't care for her, I care for you, fuck it.. I love you."  Just right then everything froze. You had flashbacks of how you guys first met, when you guys first kissed, and when he asked you the best question anyone could ever ask you. You remembered how nervous he was.

You nod and close your eyes, trusting him.

"Always remember I do love you." he mumbled and hugged you and you two kissed.

"Ew Dylan, I set this up for you two to make up, not out." Tyler gagged.

And with that Dylan flipped him off.

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