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Demi-gods and WiFi!!!

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Percy_Water_Jackson has logged on

Leo hotstuff0000 has logged on

Hazel~Levesque has logged on

Frank~ likes~bows has logged on

Jason_Superman has logged on

PiperMclean15 has logged on

Nico_Death_Ghosts has logged on

Frank~likes~ bows: Camp Jupiter gets WiFi wooooo

Leo hotstuff0000: Yay now we can talk!!!

PiperMClean15: have any of u guys seen Drew?

Jason_ Superman: Nope

Percy_Water_Jackson: Haven't seen her around either

Annabeth_Chase123 has logged on

Annabeth_Chase123: Hi guys

Frank and Hazel: Hi

Annabeth_Chase123: Oh, hi you guys.Guess Camp Jupiter has WiFi?

Frank~likes~bows: Yep

I_am_mortal9234 has logged on

I_am_mortal9234: Remember me>:-)

Annabeth_Chase123: YOU

I_am_mortal9234: heheh

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