Chapter 1: The Begining

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       Ralph Is such a butthoke some times. He always has something negative to say about my brothers and I. He has a pet title names spike and he treats spike like his is way more important that us. One day, I asked Ralph if I could read one of his comic book, then, he punched me in the arm! "Ralph! What was that for!" I yelled. "That was for being a completed moron!" Ralph yelled the pushed me out of the way. But that is only one of my brothers.

       Donatello, is the brains out of all of us. He is the one that makes  all if the potions and he always helps us out in the toughest situations. Donatello made a mutagen to relive the life when we had first became mutants. One day, Ralph's turtle, spike, tipped the mutagen over and drank it! He became a mutant turtle just like the rest of us.

       Leonardo, is the leader of all of us. He guides the way and tells us what we have to do the be successful. He was the one that choose all of our wepons. He thought that they would be the best for us. And they were.

       My name is Michelangelo, and we are the Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles.

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