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Y/n= your name
S/c= skin color
E/c= eye color
H/c= hair color
Oštećenje - (Os-tesh-enje)
Obrnuto - (Ob-run-toe)


You were sitting in your seats while Snape rearranged who was sitting where. He let the Hufflepuffs stay where they were.

"Oh dear," Snape sneered, "it seems there aren't enough Hufflepuffs.."

He looked at you and sighed, "Y/n I apologize. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley. Please move your items next to Y/n' table."

Snape put a hand on his forehead sitting at his desk, looking annoyed.

{Your P.O.V}

I sat in between both boys who were not nearly as obnoxious as Snape and Draco have said. Yes, Mione was my (2nd) best friend, but honestly I barely ever hung out with the other two. Sure there were a few times, but nothing that really brought us together. Unlike them and Hermione, when they saved her from that troll, they were practically inseparable.

I an fairly good at potions, but they weren't. It was hard trying to help them, but after twenty minutes the process started to move, very slowly. The point of us being partners wasn't so that I did the work for them, it was for me to help them learn so they understand and are eventually able to do it themselves. That's how I see it anyway.

"Thistle whiskers?" Harry asked.

"Whiskers on Gnomes that are found in Thistle Berry Bushes." I tell him.

"Ooh, so we need 5 of these?" Harry asks.

"Yes." I look at the ingredient list.

"How would we get 5 whiskers from the Gnomes? It's not like they're the friendliest blokes on the block." Ron asks

I look at Ron," If you'd pay attention then you'd know how to."

I walked up to the front of the classroom as Snape gave me directions and a small package. I walked back to the boys telling them to follow me. We walked outside to the Thistle Berry Bushes.

"Thistle Gnomes love Thistle Berries, because of their sweet tooth, and their skin is tough enough to dig underneath the bushes as well as pick the berries without getting hurt. There are is only one thing Thistle Gnomes like more than Thistle Berries. Chocolate." I smile and pull out the small package Snape gave me.

I sit on the floor next to the Thistle Berry Bushes, tapping the ground softly. I speak softly to the ground asking for a Gnome to speak with. After a few minutes one popped up. It took a looonggg while of convincing, but finally Mr. Gnome and his two buddies decided to join is. I gave them some chocolate there and told them if they want the rest to follow us.

The boys looked a little surprised at this. I found myself along with the other two back in the classroom. We set the Gnomes on the table in the front seeing how their tiny, little, stubby legs can't walk to far, we had to carry them most of the day.

I gave them the rest of the chocolate as promised and Snape took care of the rest. We sat back at our cauldron where it turned from a horrid green to a nicer shade of purple. I had Harry stir constantly and Ron fetch ingredients that we needed, I stayed behind cutting, crushing, and juicing the ingredients so they were ready to put in the cauldron.

After a few minutes Snape walked around the classroom handing out five whiskers to each pair of partners. When he got to your table he sat them down, glaring at Harry (who was still stirring) and Ron (who had came back just now with cafenated Sprout beans which came from a certain type thistle bud (a flower that grows on the Thistle berry bushes).

Ron sat about twenty-three beans on the table with his bleeding hands. I started to juice the beans, I didn't look at him.

"You got pricked didn't you?" I asked, still not looking.

No answer.

"Because you didn't wear the gloves behind you?" I finished juicing twenty beans and had Harry pour it in slowly, the same pace he was stirring at.

I finally look towards Ron and sigh. He was trying to cover the scars and bleeding openings with tissue.

"Don't do that. You'll make it worse. Here." I grabbed his hands, removing the tissues, setting them aside.

I started to dab on some rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball, which made it sting and him get a small bit angry. Then I added some band aids, and unfortunately all I had were hello kitty and mickey mouse ones left. I used those to cover the open wounds.

"Make sure you see Madam Pomfrey after this, okay?" I handed him two more band aids.

I decided to pour the potion into the bottles for Snape to inspect. It was honestly a weird assignment. Giving three first years a Oštećenje Obrnuto Potion.

Snape came over, inspecting the potions, taking them, looking at them in the light. He found nothing wrong, so I assume we are good.

Recalling the potion in my head, I sat down in between the two again. Still confused.


Oštećenje Obrnuto Potion

Latin; Damage Reverse

Makes the wearer immune to Damage for fifteen minutes. All spells, incantations, and curses will reflect onto the bearer of said spell, incantation, and curse cause that effect on them.
Such as; Wingardium Leviosa, Expelliaramus, etc.

During the time worn other potions do not work either.
Such as; Amoretia, Felix Felices, etc.

Highly addictive.

Take no more than the amount for Felix Felices

Too much at the same time can resolve in death.


Questions lingered in your mind, wandering to possible conclusions, but none really made sense. Making Oštećenje Obrnuto was something for at least fifth years. So why assign three first years for such a difficult task? He hasn't taught most of the ingredients on the list, the only reason you knew was because of him.

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