First day of junior year

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After I got ready I went down stairs and ate with my dad we talked a little about how I'm feeling and if my therapist is good since we changed them a couple of times."yea it's actually making me feel better when I got to this therapist,he's helping me a lot"I said.My dad smiled and said "come on finish your food so won't be late for school,you'll have the car this time"I look up to him smiling since my dad didn't let me take the car sometimes.I quickly turn down to my food and finish it.I took the keys and said "thanks dad,bye love ya"and kissed my dad on his head.

I went to school and saw Casey there I hugged her and then we went to our lockers some of our friends came and said hi then went on their own way."Tom is coming"Casey said.I look at my side and he was actually coming "close your locker and walk the other way,quickly!"since he tries to get another shot with me,flirting and things but I don't like him so I'm trying my best to avoid him."hi liv"he said.I turn around "hi Tom"disappointed that we couldn't run away."you look cute today and your eyes are glowing"he said "thank you,Casey has to do something so I'm going with her"I said then time saying "see you later?" "Yea"I say than walk away fast."damn this guy still really likes you"Casey said I look at her then she laughed at me.

after a few seconds I bumped into a beautiful,dirty blonde,blue eyed girl "sorry I didn't see you there"she said when we were picking her stuff up.I look at her for a couple of seconds then I said "no it's my fault by the way I'm Olivia and this is Casey"and all I'm thinking about is how beautiful this girl is "nice to meet you,I'm Anna-Anna shumate"she said "are you new here?" Casey asked "yea I am"Anna said.Casey looks at me and the way I'm looking at Anna is like I'm falling in love with this girl "liv can show you around since I still get lost in here" Casey said then she winked at me I look at her appreciating what she said then Anna said "yea cool"

I show Anna around the place and laughing with her which made me really happy because all I used to think about is I'm gonna be able to be happy again or if I'm gonna feel happy again and I am right now,right her with this beautiful human "can I have your phone number?"I said Anna smiling at me as she can see that I got nervous "you know if you n-need anything or get lost"I said scratching the back of my neck she puts her hand out motioning to give her my phone so she can put her phone number I did give it to her and as soon as she was gonna walk away I said "there a party tonight at Clair's house if you want to come"she turned around and said "well I don't even know who Clair is"."I'll pick Casey and you up and I'll be with you helping you know everyone"I said smiling.She smiled "so I take that as a yes?"I said she nodded yes "I'll pick you up at 8,sounds good?"I said then she said "sounds good"

Time passes and all I can think about is Anna and it was break it as I was looking around trying to find Anna in the cafeteria "there she is" Casey said pointing to Anna.I look at her smiling since she made some friends and I start blushing for some reason and one of our friends were standing next to Anna talking.Casey looks at me blushing and decided to scream "SOPHIA"and pulls me from my hand to go to where Anna and her friends were.Sophia hugged us "I missed you guys" she said while hugging us "we missed you too"me and Casey said together.I look at Anna "hey Anna" I said "hey liv"she said I smile at her for a hot 15 seconds as I say "did you get lost or anything?" "Not really,it was easy finding places"I look at Casey "look it's her first day and she knows the place,you've been here for a year and still don't know where the bathrooms are"I say sarcastically,everyone laughed as I saw Tom bullying someone,a sophomore I walk to him and start pushing him away from the kid "are you kidding me Tom,if you think acting tough in front of me would make me give you a chance,I'm not gonna give you another chance well actually you know what don't even talk to me again!"I say angry "You can come sit with us"I say to the sophomore "Olivi-" tom said before I say "shut the fuck up tom everything you say is bullshit to me" I said walking with the sophomore to our friends.

Anna's POV
Olivia was so attractive and fighting with that guy tom made her even more attractive.The moment I saw her I was shocked that someone this beautiful talked to me and she was all I can think about all day and her inviting me to the party made me so happy but I tried to act cool I just hope something would happen between me and her at that party.Then I asked Casey before liv got here "is she bi?or does she like girls?"I ask Casey,Casey smiling at me saying "yea she likes girls"Casey said as I smiled thinking I might have a chance with her but at the same time knowing that everyone has a crush on her and that I'm not the best option.

Your POV
"Hey guys,this is Noah"I said to them as they all said hi."don't worry about that asshole Noah I'm pretty sure he won't bother you again since miss girl here embarrassed him in front of the whole school"Benjamin said as we all laughed (not that it would effect anything but Benjamin is gay)

we all walk to our classes as I see Anna coming from the other way to the same class as me "so Mr.Johnson?"I asked looking at Anna "yea"she said while smiling we got into class I stare at her for most of the class then mr.Johnson calls on Casey,Casey is always not focusing in class "so miss Miller what year did it happen?"mr.Johnson said as I turn on Casey seeing that she's looking at me wanting me to help her,me on the other hand not knowing but I was good at school but I didn't put effort into it "I think 1953"Casey said "no miss Miller it was 1976" mr.Johnson said.then I realized what he was talking about and say "sir"he turns to my way so does everyone else "it's was 1977"everyone looks at me surprised that I even said that to a teacher then he looked at the book seeing that I was right "so you think you know everything?when did the battle of Waterloo happen?"he said."1815"I said.he continued "the beginning of wars of the roses?" I said "1455" he kept going asking then he asked "when was William Shakespeare born?"I stopped for a minute trying to think he laughs and turns around "see kids don't challenge a teach-"."1564"he turns around "what?"he said."William Shakespeare was born in 1564,sir"the bill rang as he stared at me for a minute we all got up they some students came to me saying "that was cool dude"I smiled then I see Casey and Anna come "that's my girl"Casey says."I'm pretty sure he hates me now"I said to them while walking outside "no one can hate you liv"Anna said.I blushed she saw it and smiled at me then she said "don't forget to pick me up,I'll text you the address"I nodded waving goodbye to her "she likes you"Casey said."no she doesn't one thing doesn't mean that she likes me"I said to Casey "she asked if you like girls too"Casey said I stop and look at her surprised "did she actually?"I ask then she nodded yes as I started blushing again "come on your gay ass is turning red"I laugh then we go back home.

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