Nique: Are you serious?!?!

Prod: Yeah she's serious! 

Me: Yup!!! I love Prod with all my heart and I always will.

Prod: And I love you too BreDoll!!

Roc: Well dammnit! We might as well come out too! Me and Nique are dating!!

EveryBody except him and Star: Well, I mean, we all saw that comin! We knew that! 

Bee: Well this is great!! We all love eachother!! 

Ray: AHEM!!!!

Me: Ohh bad Ray.

Ray: I'm gonna go back to my room..see yall later.

Everybody: Bye Ray!

Nique: I feel so bad for him.. 

Me: I know right. He looks so sad.


Man I can't believe this! Everybody all lovey-dovey and I'm just there. With nobody by my side. I gotta find me somebody. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna just go to sleep. I'll see the crew later.

Nique's POV

Me: Umm y'all, I'm kinda tired, I think I'm gonna go up to my room. 

Everybody: ok bye!

Roc: Yea I'm kinda tired too, I'm gonna go back up to my room to.

Everybody: Bye!! 

Bee: Liar!! He know he ain't goin to sleep!

Prod: He goin to Nique's room.

Bre: Yup, they gonna be gettin it in tonight!!!

Bee: lol you know it!

Nique POV

Me: *hears a knock on the door* Who is it??

???: Me

Me: Hmmm..I don't know anybody named me.

???: Girl it's Roc stop playing!

Me: *Opens door* Heey bae!

Roc: *kicks door close and kisses her*

Me: *pushes him off* Roc what was that!?!?

Roc: We've been on this damn tour for 5 days and I haven't had any alone time with you at all! I miss you!!

Me: I missed you too.

Roc: *picks her up and throws her on the bed*

Me: You really missed me didn't you?

Roc: Yup! *starts kissing her neck*

Me: *moans*

Roc: *Unzips her pants and pulls them down*

Me: *pulls off his shirt*

Roc: *starts eating her out*

Me: *moaning louder* Oh yes!! yes!!

Roc: *goes inside her*

Me: Oh yes!!! 

Roc: *goes faster*

Me: Oh my god!!! 

Roc: Say my name!

Me: *moans louder*

Roc: SAY IT!

Me: r-roc

Roc: LOUDER!!!

Me: ROC!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts moaning louder and louder*

Next thing you know, we both climaxed. We were just laying there, on top of eachother, shivering and trying to catch our breath.

Roc: I can't breath

Me: Me either..we should do this more often!!

Roc: Yeah we should!!!

Me: Baby??

Roc: Yes??

Me: Do you really love me?

Roc: Of course I do. Why would you say that?

Me: You don't say it very often.

Roc: But I do love you!

Me: Well it'd be nice to hear you say it. 

Roc: You want me to show you??

Me: Baby I don't think I can take anymore tonight.

Roc: you sure??

Me: Positive!