It was summer already and everything’s back to normal, Louis and you were keep in touch while you’re on the other place.

He keeps on sending you a mail/letter with his picture

“Hey? I receive your letter Lou, Your still thin, and still with the long hair featuring ‘Boobear’ I hope I can see you again Dont change?! I know you're great a person Lou... I miss you my childhood friend and a Best Friend...

Love – (y/n)”

you send him a letter.

You stay at the 2nd floor condo unit and someone knocks on your door


“Huh? Unexpecting visitor?” you said and look by the door and saw “Jack?!” you said then you open the door

“HEY! (y/n)?” Jack said with a box of chocolate cake

“Oh? Come in?” you said then close the door.

“How’s your day (y/n)? By the way for you...” he asked and gave you the cake

“Oh Thanks! I’m fine, thank you.” You said and started to open the box

“So how’s Lou? Is he doing great?” he asked

“Lou? Really? Ha ha ha... yeah! We’re fine... He keeps on sending me some letters and pictures of him...” gave him a slice of cake, and showed the box of Lou’s letters “And yeah? I’ve never thanked you yet... before I left and congrats you on your graduation?!” you said

“Neh? It’s fine... I’m doing it for you to be happy and to be contented... And see?! I told you this before... I think Louis loves you already...” Jack said while eating the cake

“Hmm... Me and Lou are just Best Friends... and we are never going to that point.” You deny

“Are you sure? Ok then... But do you still love him? As in LOVE, not just being friends? MORE than friends.” Jack said

“*chuckles* C’mon now Jack, I don’t want him to know that I have a feelings for him... maybe one day he’ll avoids me and vanished... then our friendship is over...” you said

“Ha?! There’s no problem if you tell him the truth and what if Louis was also had a secret crush on you? And if Louis was really your TRUE BEST FRIEND, no matter what happens, your friendship will never gonna end. Right?” Jack said to frankly

“hmm...” you replied “Tell it to him... when you’ll meet soon? Tell him the truth before it’s too late? And I’m not forcing you to do this... I’m just saying this for your own good... *smiled*” Jack said

“You really give me problems huh?!” slapped Jack

“aww... ha ha ha.. What? At least I’m the one who’s helping here... If you really love someone, if he/she’s happy there... then support them... Like me? I know I’ll never got a chance, you to love me back... it's because you love Louis... that’s why I’m helping you, ‘coz you’re happy with him.” Jack said

“C’mon now Jack... I’ve never plan to be on relationship today... I’ll be focusing on my studies as a (your future plan/job/professional)” you said

“Ok then... ha ha ha... later on I’ll be back to our home town... I just visited you here just to check you if you’re ok and comfortable...” Jack said and left you.

        Then after that the summer ends. You started to enter school and taking the course of (your choice)... After how many years you’re about to graduate on your course and Louis was keeps on sending  you a letters but you don't mind them beacuse you're getting busy and busy...

Next morning,

You’re preparing yourself for school then someone knocked on your door,


then you went to look over the door then you see a letter and opens the door and pick up the letters

“Oh? It’s from Louis *Look at your watch* OMG?! I’ll be late?!” you panicked and left the letter to the near desk.

Everyday Louis sent you letters, but you’re always busy because of school and you don’t even have a chance to read the letters because after school you’ll fell fast asleep because of tardiness.

        And when December came and it was already your Christmas Vacation, in the evening you were sitting at the couch and thinking for something and then you noticed a pile of letters from Louis and started to read it one by one.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!