Chapter 1 - The Hero

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My Steve.

I know not where I came from, nor how I came into existence. I was born into a world where you could build anything with bare hands. A world where anything could be constructed as long as your imagination was untamed, unrestrained, and overwhelming. But because the world at the same time was harsh reality, not a fantasy where anything could happen, there were limits as to how far you could build. The standard measurement in this plane was blocks, and you could only build as high as two-hundred and fifty-six blocks. Mining in ore veins was immense and immeasurable until you hit the indestructible bedrock. And this was no safe world to venture and skip along to grandma's house. It was full of undead hell spawn lumbering towards your way as savage arthropods hung from trees, ready to jump on their prey (in other words, you). My world was not meant for the faint of heart.

Strangely, I found myself at the faint of the heart this evening as I returned from my regular mining routine.

As my train of sturdy mine carts chugged their way up the vertical rails with chests full of iron, gold, and a few diamonds, I turned back in my own cart to observe the momentum of the coal-engine cart that drove the train forward. What I saw was a burning fire in the furnace that was no more than a wisp of hair, leaving small traces of ash. Crap.

Tugging my worn knapsack before the sturdy engine, I threw the top off and searched through my crowded inventory as the heavy carts began sinking back!

“Crap, crap…coal, coal, coal! Ah, coal! Yes!” My hands banged and handled against many unnecessary items in my inventory, such as an empty glass bottle, crunchy seeds, a dried, yellow flower, and many other useless items until my fingers took grasps of that sandy but hard texture. With charred, black hands, I pulled out a handful of gritty coal, shoving it into the furnace without a second thought. As if by magic, the few coals created an outburst of devil’s fire, nearly scorching my eyebrows as I fell back into my moving cart.

Wow’ I mouthed, and considered myself lucky. Yet, that’s not the good part!

I sighed, knowing that I was near the safe surface. After this, I can transport all of my previous metals back home, maybe stop by the friendly Village to make a few good trades, and then go home to have a good, hot meal! Nothing more than a regular day! Who knew that my life was going to change drastically? Oh, that’s not until later though.


Just as I was about to pull myself out of the cart, I heard a noise I was very familiar with. A noise that I met the first time I laid foot on this land. Everyone knew these walking bags of TNT, and no one knows their weaknesses or fears. These were merciless killers who love to blow your house to bits if you invited them inside for dinner. Yes, you are probably familiar with these guys, too. Their name was feared by all architects and children alike: Creepers.

Pushing my back against the cart, I watched as my cart slowly passed a well-lit torch. Its crackling sound would’ve given me a nice reminder of home; oh the warm fir-pit with a roasting pig onto! But the shadow of that well known nemesis of mine’s sat against the wall towards me. I could see it moving, tip-toeing around the mine shaft. I could hear its hisses, oh its murderous hisses that mimicked its explosive charge. My hand reached down to the hilt of my sheathed sword, ready to pull it out and slice the monster in one blow. Yes, I can do that because I have an enchanted sword.

When suddenly – boom! Wha-bam!

Instead of the explosive destruction creepers brought wherever they went, the sound of lightning and thunder danced through the shaft, silencing the creeper once and for all. Great, now I had something else to worry about. The creeper was clearly frightened by the thunder, its shadow running down the mine shaft, but it’s the least of my worries.

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