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Chapter 2

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*Tyler’s POV*

            As I was passing on the drinks to the people, I saw a boy in the corner by himself. I walked towards him and offered him a drink.

            “Well hello there! Take a drink!” I said, as chirpily as possible. I wanted to spread positivity okay.

            This boy looked so familiar. It couldn’t be Troye, because mom said that he couldn’t come to the visit. I don’t remember anything about Troye, just the fact that I had the biggest “kid crush” on him when we were close a long time ago. I felt my cheeks warm up at these old memories. It’s not like I didn’t like this guy, he was amazingly good looking, but I just wish I could talk to Troye again. My thoughts were broken off when he took the glass of water from the tray.

            “Thanks,” he said. He looked anxious. I’m pretty sure he’s freaked out about my hair. Ugh, I knew it looked bad. Why did I let Bertie dye it anyway? I pushed the negative thoughts to the back of my head and smiled again.

            “And you are?” I asked. I wanted to know who he was—maybe he was the one after Troye. He’s fucking cute though.

            He looked hurt for a moment, but the hurt instantly faded from his eyes when he gave me a warm smile, “T-troye,” he stated.

            No way.

            I couldn’t think, and I felt as if my heart skipped a beat at hearing his name. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even bother to introduce myself. What? Why was he here? I did not prepare for this! If it was Troye, I would have those videotapes of us playing ready for us to watch and I would be hugging the shit out of him by now! So why wasn’t I doing all that now? I tried so hard to say something but I felt a lump in my suddenly dry throat and it wasn’t allowing me to say anything. We stood there in an awkward silence.

            “Tyler, right?” he asked.

            Oh, he remembers me.

            His eyes were full of concern when I still didn’t say anything. I managed to stutter during my response, “Y-yeah. Come in.”

            I didn’t want the awkwardness to keep on going any longer, so I walked straight past him to offer Shaun a helping hand with the luggage. He told me it was fine but I insisted to help him. When everyone was inside, mom pulled me in and grinned widely. I glared at her with mad and nervous eyes. Her smile didn’t fade away as she pulled me in closer so she could whisper in my ear.

            “Surprise!” she whispered, waving her hands in the air.

            “Why didn’t you tell me??” I asked her, raising my voice a bit louder than I expected.

            “I’m sorry! I just wanted to see your reaction!” she chuckled, “Just go with it and have fun. Be you Ty! Isn’t that why he liked you when you were little?”

            He used to like me too? Wait, what? He’s gay?

            I bit my lip in confusion as she turned my back around to face Troye’s back. He wasn’t paying attention to anything, but he was looking around the house. I examined his back. He was tall and skinny, but he had the cutest and perkiest booty. I smirked, but the expression instantly faded when dirty things started to build up in my mind and I cringed at myself. But God he’s cute. Like, attractive as fuck cute.

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