Chapter Five: Hurting

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When Rae woke up the next morning, she threw on one of Liam's shirts and went down stairs. Liam was
In the kitchen cooking breakfast. "Smells good babe." she says, coming up behind him and putting her head under his arm.

"Good. I am cooking it for you!" He laughs. "Awww thanks Lili." She smiles, stealing a home fry. He playfully slaps her hand away and she fakes being hurt. She stomps away. Liam chases after her, picks her up, and kisses her. She smiles, hops out of his arms, and grabs a plate. Liam scoops some food onto her plate and scoots her to table.

|later, at Rae's house|

Rae opens the door and is met by Louis running over and squeezing her. "Lou, Harry, somebody, being crushed here!" Rae squeaks. Lou lets go of her as he sees Liam walking in the door. "Cheers, guys."

Rae says sarcastically. She stomps up to her room. "Hazza, can I talk to you, alone?" Liam asks. Harry gets up and walks into the other room. "So, uh, last night, Rae and I kinda sorta, had sex..." Liam trails off. "WHAT THE FUCK LIAM! I SAID YOU COULD DATE HER, NOT FUCK HER SENSELESS!" Harry screamed. "I didn't fuck her senseless, drama queen. I had sex with her." Liam replies. "What the fuck Liam, you are such a fucking douchebag!" Harry yells and storms out of the room.

Harry storms up the it stairs. "WHAT THE FUCK RAE!" Harry screamed. She glances at him. He storms out of the room, slamming her door. Then, Liam storms into her room. Rae jumps and pulls the covers up to her chin. Liam screams at her, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SHAKING! ARE YOU SCARED OF ME?" Rae just keeps shaking. Liam slams the door and Rae just keeps crying. She eventually cries herself to sleep.

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