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Sherlock joins a chatroom labelled 'John's Love life.'

Sherlock- John is still on his Sex holiday with Mary and yet again I have another question. How nice of you.... As you probably know John is my colleague and we solve crimes together. Of course you have heard of John's blog, which I do not approve of...

~ I know that John has had many girlfriends. Teachers, Doctors, you name it. He always breaks up with them, don't know why. I remember when me and John were dancing together at Baker Street in front of closed curtains and Mrs Hudson never knocks and well... that's my embarassing moment. That doesn't answer the question, but I do like to wobble on.

Watson joins the chatroom and deletes labelled subject

Watson- Sherlock, what are you doing??? Why are we talking about my love life? Oh right, the question. Who the hell asked you that? Well.. business is business I suppose.

Sherlock kickes Watson out of the chatroom

Sherlock-  Never knew you could do that... Oh well. All I know is that I have never seen John do something embarassing, as he is always outside... Or if he has I never know, I am to busy deducing.

Watson rejoins

Watson- No you're not. You're too busy ignoring. And you do know why they break up with me?

Sherlock- What? Because of your sister's drinking habits?

Watson- Ye- No. Because of you. Everytime I introduce them to you, you always ruin it! Deducing who they are, and they don't want anyone to know.

Sherlock- You have to many girlfriends. At least you're married, don't ruin it now. I have to go Lestrade is calling me, another murder.

Watson- Ok, have fun...

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson-  Sherlock is my best friend. Well.. best man ;)

Watson left the clan



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