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Sherlock joined a private chatroom (He loves talking to himself :P)

Sherlock- I heard that you people, don't know from where, deducing that you're from wattpad, this thing that John is interested in, love asking me questions and John is refusing to make me not answer them. So, Mike Stamford.

Watson joined the chatroom

Watson- I see that your being sociable Sherlock.

Sherlock- John this is a private chatroom... How did you-

Watson- Never mind, just pretend I am not here, and answer the question.

Sherlock- Does Mary know you're here?

Watson- She is at her friend's house, Beth.

Sherlock added Mary M to the chat

Watson- .......

Sherlock- Wasn't Mike the guy who I suggested to be your best man at your wedding, by me?

Watson- .....

Sherlock- Never mind, and I know that I still keep in touch with him, he is a nice guy. Shame that his girlfriend is sleeping with a his brother. But erm....

Watson- What?!

Sherlock- Oh hello John. I thought you were too busy dotting.

Watson- Well...

Sherlock- See there it is again!

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock left the chatroom

Mary M- 19 messages! John I thought you were at work!

Mary M left the chatroom

Mike S joined the chatroom

Mike S- Oh, no one is here... And YEEEESS I SHIP JOHNLOCK ALLL THE WAAAY! 

~ Wait my girlfreind's what?!

Mike S left the chatroom


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