Chapter 44~Itachi's Words!

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Sakura’s Point of View

“Don’t feel so left out, Sakura,” Kisame told me, “You could always become better and leave your village. You can be like us.”

“Be like you?” I questioned.

“You can just abandon—“

“Sorry, but no. I will never, in a million times, abandon my village and my friends.” I answered through gritted teeth, “I am who I am now because of them. They taught me how to be brave, to be confident for who I am and what I do. I don’t care if you know my limitations and weakness! Just shut up and don’t drive my friends into this mess!”

Itachi stared at me.

Zetsu shook his head slowly, almost like disappointedly.

And Kisame smirked.

“We can see through you,” a shiver ran down into my spine when Itachi spoke up.

See right through me? What’s that supposed to mean?

“Sakura Haruno…I know you feel abandoned by your own friends, and your own village. You just have to abandon them back,” Itachi added, eyes still locked on me. “You see, we know your background pretty well even before we set off and kidnapped you. If you keep up this act, you’ll be the one to suffer in the end. We know that you hate being last. You’re sick of it. But you can’t do anything because you’re just another kunoichi who’s never going to catch up to her teammates.”

I shook my head while frowning, “Last? Are you stupid? Hell, I never been last! I always catched up to Sasuke at the Academy, I always competed with him as rank one! If anything, Naruto is the last one! He’s the dumbest, compared to me and Sasuke! Did you know that a shinobi must not only pride, but also intelligence?!”

He moved closer to me as he answered, “But do you also know that it also takes sacrifices and powers for a shinobi to be successful? Yes, I do know that a ninja must have pride, and intelligence. However, what good will your intelligence give you if you, yourself, would be weak as shit in the frontline during a battle?”

He said those words in a hoarse manner that made me scared. It’s different when Itachi Uchiha says those words, rather than Kisame. I didn’t answered back, I just stared at the plain, dusty ground as he continued, trying to manipulate me with his words.

“Let me make it clear, Haruno Sakura.” he said, his tone getting rougher as he activated his Sharingan. “Let’s say that you’re a medic ninja. A healer, a savior of life. As said, a medical ninja must never force to push forward and fight because the medic is the one needed afterwards for the healing treatment of a thousand shinobis. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn basic ninjutsu to fight on the frontline.”

I shot my head up, “AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT?!” I yelled furiously.

“If you know how to observe, then you would understand a medic ninja’s job.” he simply answered. “You just got left out behind your teammates.”

It’s hard to admit. But he’s right. I got left out. Even if I’m so smart, even if I’m rank one at the Academy, people wouldn’t care because true strength is not measured with intelligence. It is measured with power—which I lack. Itachi’s correct. I’m just nobody in my team. Sasuke and Naruto is the real deal here.

I did what I was best at since I was a kid.

I cried.

I’m crying.

And I will always cry.

Again, I managed to show these Akatsuki pests my weakness and my limits. Again, I failed to show them that I changed, that I became someone better. I’m crying, and I will always cry. I will forever be a nuisance and I burden to others.

“Stop crying, Sakura-chan,” my eyes widened when I saw him—I mean them. “You’re not a burden to us.”

“Look who’s here to the rescue.” Kisame smirked. “So, you finally decided to show up, huh? Sorry Itachi-san, but I think your little brother would also get hurt, and so is that Jinchuriki.”

“Naruto! Sasuke!”   Thank you for coming.



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