Day 11: It's Not Stalking If They Invited You

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And I don’t know what to do,

Cause I’ll never be with you.


Start Destination: Oberhausen, Germany

End Destination: Oberhausen, Germany

Via: König-Pilsener-Arena


09:34AM (GMT) / 10:34AM (Local Time)


I am sat alone in the hostel room the next morning, with a headache that makes me feel like screaming.

Not entirely sure what has brought it on, I recline on the bed, holding a pillow over my ears and thankfully the drumming in my head begins to stop. That is not to say that I am entirely comfortable but I definitely feel less strained.

Luckily the room is silent, not because El and Rosie realise I am ill but more because the two of them invited me to go shopping with them and I declined, I am not exactly in the right state to go.

 But I am happy to stay here and as the pain in my head subsides slightly, I open up tumblr on my phone and begin to scroll through, more than happy to reblog my life away. Tumblr is the sort of place that once you start, there is no stopping, there is just endless scrolling and an occasional pause whilst you wait for a gif to load. Not for the first time I thank the lord that we booked a hotel with wifi access twenty-four seven, it definitely makes being a fangirl easier.

However my enjoyment is paused when I hear a knock on the door, they are soft and I wonder who on earth it could be. I pull open the door to discover Levi leaning against the door frame.

“Hey,” he says handing me a polystyrene cup, “Rosie said you had a headache.”

From the scalding temperature of the cup and the smell coming from it I know that Levi has brought me a cup of tea and right at that moment I feel like throwing my arms around him and hugging him, I don’t care if it’s a good cup of tea or not, it’s still tea.

“You better appreciate that,” he continues to tell me, “I had to trek around the place looking for a place that sold a brand of tea I recognised and then I stole you a cup from the kitchen.”

“I appreciate it very much,” I assure him, “what would I do without you?”

“Cry,” he replies simply.

Shaking my head at his strangeness I beckon him into the room and he quickly makes himself comfortable on the bed, kicking his shoes off and propping his feet up.

“Make yourself comfortable,” I tease.

“Will do.”

“Did you just come here to hand me hot beverages then?” I ask, “Because I have no problem with you doing that on a regular basis.”

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