Laundry detergent

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'Me too'

A faint pink blush crept across my face.

'Well why are you still standing out there?'

After standing there with a stupid grin on my face for at least 30 seconds I launched myself at him, the cool, almost harsh ac was muffled as he wrapped his arms around me, protecting me from the rest of the world. It was the first time I had ever truly felt safe in weeks? months? years? I couldn't remember, the rest of my life was all a blur as I focused all of my energy into the warm embrace. I thought I would never be able to let go. Eventually Clay managed to pry me off of him but I was reluctant. Even just speaking online to him filled me with joy so to finally be here with him, the feeling was inexplicable. I grabbed my luggage and unpacked everything into the wardrobe in my room.

We sat on the sofa watching the news for a bit but neither of us were truly listening to the reporters dull monologue, just taking in the fact that we are together now and nothing could take us apart.

We eventually left to go to our respective bedrooms and soon the only light was the sun's reflection bounding off of the moon and illuminating my cream bed-spread. I yearned for Clay's warm touch as I lay curled up under the thin blanket. It had been warm all day long, but no one had turned down the ac and the I was slowly getting colder. I managed to get a hours worth of sleep before waking up. I glanced over at the clock of my wall. 2:18 am. I wanted to go and wake Clay but I wasn't sure. Was it too soon? What if I ruined it? I pondered it for a minute or two before promptly getting out of bed and walking to the end of the hall. I hesitated before knocking on his door.
I heard a muffled
'Yea it's me, can I come in?'
He mumbled something I couldn't hear and then said
I slowly pushed open the door to reveal him curled up in bed, I trapped over carefully and sat on the edge of the king sized bed.
'Can I, um?'
'I didn't invite you to live here just for you to be by yourself all time,' he whispered coarsely, 'just don't make any noise I'm still half asleep'.
I did as I was told and stayed silent as I climbed under the duvet. Clay was still facing the wall. I edged closer to him until he turned around to face me. He wrapped one of his arms around me and I sprawled out into a starfish like shape before relaxing into the fuzzy cotton of his shirt. I took a deep inhale and smelt the laundry detergent from Clay's pyjamas. It smelt of home. It smelt of my new life here. It smelt of hope and so many good things to come. With those thought racing through my mind I slowly drifted to sleep, reassured by Clay's arm guarding me and keeping me safe for the night.

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