This ever so wacky question is from @WatsonTheHobbit

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  Watson and Sherlock joined a private chatroom

Watson- Hey Sherlock? Are you there? What are you doing? 

Sherlock- I am just watching Pirates Of the Carribean; On Strangers Tides and I have already deduced what will happen next.

Watson- Right... Don't tell me though-

Sherlock- They are in a race to the Spanish Mountain.

Watson- I am going to pretend I never heard that... Your blog is doing well. Just had a question in for you.

Sherlock- You having fun with Mary on your Sex holiday, I mean.. Honeymoon...? And John, I am the world's consulting detective I don't answer questions from people, I tell people what they need to know about a case.

Watson- Since your watching it, What do you think of Captain Jack Sparrow's thumb necklace?

Sherlock- Why the hell would someone ask me that?

Watson- Just answer the bloody Question!

Sherlock- Calm down! Tell Mary that she needs to keep a tighter reign on you!

Watson- I know I do Sherlock  ~ Mary

Sherlock- Well there you go... I know that Captain Sparrow killed someone, not a friend, someone who he envies deeply and possible killed that person for revenge or fighting over some gold but,

Watson- I said what do you think, not tell me where he got it from!

Sherlock- If I was in the movie, I would be seeing how long it would take for the thumb to decay away, so yeh... it's nice for a good experiment. I don't know why he is wearing it around his finger, possibly because

Watson- Ok Sherlock, that's enough.. 

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock- He is probably wearing it around his finger becuase he must have hated him more than cutting it off.


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