Chapter 2

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I woke up feeling my back ached. Trying to take everything in without my glasses. My surroundings are just blobs of colors, until I looked up and saw chin. His chin. His head hung back against the sofa. His loud snoring brought me back to reality. And then I realized that my head was on his thighs. The TV was still on. I tried to sit up but his muscular arm was on my stomach. Pushing his arm away was a great struggle. Finally managed to sit up, I looked around the room for my glasses. It is quite hard when we don't have glasses and have to find things, especially the glasses itself. I caught sight of sth orange near the remote control. My glasses!!!! Got my glasses on, I noticed that Ken has got dark puffy eyes. He must have slept late last night. Or was it me that caused this? Because he didn't want to wake me up? He stirred. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. His green eyes was opened when I came back to his living room. I sat down beside him and said "Morning." in a lazy tone. He mumbled "Morning" back. I took another glance at him and saw that his mouth was drooling and his hairs was a mess. I let out a chuckle when I saw his state. "What?" He asked. I turned back and said "Nothing." I must have smiled because he asked again with a deeper tone "What?"
"Nothing. Just your face. So this is how you look after waking up."
"Watch yourself first, wont you?" he said with his signature smile. The lopsided smile that always win over any girl.
I ran up to his bathroom and stared at the reflection in the mirror. My face is blue. I stormed outside and yelled "YOU DID THIS?" while pointing at my face. His smile spread into a grin. "Look at your fingers" he said. My fingers were all covered in blue. "WASNT GREEN ENOUGH ALREADY?"
He laughed. Very hard.
I wanna kill him.
"So funny, huh?"
He laughed so hard, he can't reply my question.
"YOU GO TO HELL AND DONT COME BACK." I stormed out of the room and went to the bathroom to wash my blue face. I didnt know what the blue thing was but it is very sticky. I can't wash it all off.
"What did u do to my face? This thing won't come off" i asked.
"Oh, come on here. Don't cry." he said with a pout. I scowled at him but walking toward him anyway. He picked a tissue from the table. His hand so soft, so gentle. Touching my face gently like I might break if he pushed a little bit harder. I noticed that his eyes are hazel not green. I have known Ken for 4 months. We are best friend. Our chemistry matched, tho we argue a lot. We both like vanilla ice cream and Lemon Coffee. Actually he recommended me the lemon coffee. We study in the same school. We have so many classes together. And we happened to live in the same neighborhood. So Ken Hembrick is basically my best friend and my neighbor and my crush. Yeah. Ken is the school superstar. He is handsome. Smart. Has a good sense a humor. And flirty with everyone. That's what make it difficult for me to confess. I am scared. He is too good. He has so many choices. I am nothing.
Hazel is my new favorite color.

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