Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


It's been nearly five years since the man I loved walked out on me. The pain that came with that was unbearable. 18, pregnant and heartbroken. I'd never felt so crushed. The thought of living on seemed impossible. It felt like he'd ripped my heart out in front of me and took it with him. He locked it away somewhere where I'll never find it. It seemed like I'd never be complete again. I lost everything that day.

Two people got me through that darkest time of my life. Courtney and Carl. If it weren't for them, I'd be lost. Courtney got me back on my feet, she made me get out of the house, made me get up in the morning and forced me to eat. Carl had done nothing but make me laugh and smile, even when I was nothing but a zombie. When I cried, they both sat and held me. They told me it was ok to cry. That everything will get better. For a long time, I didn't believe them.

I never believed I'd love again. He stole my heart and disposed of it when he met someone new. It only took him two years to get engaged to someone else. He gave her the same ring he gave me. He's never coming back, and the day I found that out was the day I decided to stop waiting for him.

The good things that came out of all of my pain were that he's happy. He's healthy, sober and with someone he loves. What this has helped me do is become an independent and strong woman. I did not realise at the time, but Logan leaving helped me become who I am today. Like Sara says he helps me without even trying. Him leaving helped me grow as a person.

Over the past five years, Courtney has become my best friend. We are like sisters. She has been with me through every high and every low, and she's supported my decisions good or bad.

Carl left after a year. I wasn't annoyed or upset by his departure; I understood it. After he told me about his feelings towards Yasmin, I knew he needed to. He wanted to be able to get her out of the life her parents had planned for her. Little did he know she already had plans of her own.

Yasmin lives with Courtney and me. One day two years ago, she turned up on our doorstep with her bags and tears in her eyes. It took me a week to find out what had happened for her to be so upset. Since then she's changed too, she's closed herself off more, not to Courtney or me but to other people. I watch as men try it on with her and she shoots them down so coldly. If she's not shooting them down she's telling them it's a one and done thing with her and that is it. It's worrying, but I can't force her to open her heart. Courtney is convinced Carl leaving has something to do with it, but I'm not so sure. From what Carl told me there are more significant problems in her life.

Life has been good to me in the past three years. I'm studying, I own a place with Courtney and Yasmin, but I also have a job I never thought I would have in a million years. I never thought I'd do this as a job, especially given my circumstances. Courtney was the one that persuaded me to do it, and I've not looked back since. I still have Max, and I got a kitten last year. I thought it would be challenging to get Max on board, but I think he's too old to care about the kitten.

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