All bad part2

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We slowly walked down by the river,taking in the fresh air.It was a warmer day today,Matthew has got me confused by the way he's acting.Is it a act?is he genuinely being nice?I just can't get my head around it..We get down by the river and over a few steps away from us there's beautiful flowers bedded inside a wooden plant pot.There were a few more as the river descended.I sit down on the path admiring the sparkles that the water reflected from the sun,a few seconds of silence and Matt sits down by me."I have never met a girl quite like you,y/n"Matt says.I immediately blush."Are you being serious?"I say."Sure,I mean you tried your best to stay a good girl and not talk to any of my group but I guess you did"Matt says."I am a good girl,I'm not afraid of bad Boys though.I could never bring myself to the decision of being a bad girl because all my life I've never really met anyone like you or any of the other guys.I guess I didn't really know what to expect.LA had bad boys,none I really encountered."I explain."they couldn't have been as good looking as me"Matthew joked."More like hot"I accidentally say.Shit.Did I really say that out loud?"Oh really?"Matthew says."did I say that out loud?"I ask."Yup,glad you did"Matthew says."so how don't you have a girlfriend?"I ask."all the girls throw themselves at me.It's annoying,But you didn't..That's why I was so curious."Matt says."oh "I say.It was getting dark and we decided to go home..It really wasn't that bad,he isn't all bad is he?

.....skip to morning....
I wake up the next morning.Matthew is going to hang out with me all day,What will everyone think?I really can't be losing my real friends especially Hayes.Not that Hayes and I share lessons anyway.I get ready for school,doing the usual and stuff..I waited for Hayes and we set off for school..Great.Me and Hayes small talked and then we got into school.Hayes had to go to football practice so he goes ahead to the gym.I instantly spot Matt but he doesn't see me.I go over to the bench where my friends were.They all greeted me as usual.Meh,Then the bell rings.What do I have?I think to myself..Geography,I guess none of the others had that so I was on my own.All of the sudden I felt someone grab my waist."(y/n)"Matt says.Phew Only Matt."You got geography,y/n lets go."Matt says.I get a few looks off girls who are clearly jealous but why would they be jealous when there's nothing to be jealous of?ha,it's not like I like him right?.We get to the geography class finally.I love geography,I was graded a high level A back in LA..We go inside and sit down at the back in a two..The bell rings and we go to second lesson.

.skip to lunch.

Matt and I come out of lesson, I was about to turn to go down the hall when Matthew stops me."wait asec y/n,let's go this way"Matt says.He motions me to the door that Gilinsky was walking out of the other day.I hesitate but then follow him.I walk out of the exit and immediately see beautiful plants and steps leading up to a private looking garden,I walk behind Matt and laying on the grass and benches was Cameron,Carter,Jack Gilinsky,Jack Johnson and Taylor."Hey y/n!"Taylor says."hi Taylor"I say.I follow Matt and sit down on the bench.The jacks were smoking those shisha pens and I was sat in between Cameron and Matt."hi I'm Cameron,we haven't met before have we?"Cameron says."No,we haven't and my names y/n"I say casually."your very beautiful,I haven't seen you around"Cameron says."Yeah that's because she's new"Taylor says sarcastically.Cam just rolls his eyes.I started talking about LA to the Jacks and all of the sudden I felt a hand go up my thigh.It was Cameron,oh my gosh what is he doing.I look at him and he just smirks.The bell rings and we go to lessons.

...last lesson...
The bell rings,me and Matt leave."so y/n are you walking home today"Matt asks.yeah,Hayes is staying behind though so I'll be walking without him"I say."I'll give Ya a lift home?"Matt asks."Sure"I say.
*in the car*
"So where do Ya live"Matt asks."I live next to Nash."I say."Oh cool."Matt says.He drops me off by my house.."thanks for the ride Matt"I say."no problem"Matt says.I get out of the car and go into the house.I greet my mom,dad must have been in work.I go upstairs to Skype kate."y/n!"kate says."Kate!"I say."how was school?"Kate asks."good,I met more people and this hot guy Cameron"I say."DETAILS NOW Y/N!"Kate screams."well we went into this private garden,it was beautiful.The guys were all hanging out there and Cameron put his hand on my thigh!"I say."oh my god!!thats soo hot"Kate says."Yeah listen I'll message you later"I say."Ok!"Kate says.

I updated now!
I really wanted to make a part two because I have had so many reads and I felt like I was lacking!this was a really good part to write.One of my favourite parts so far!its getting more interesting now but if you have suggestions or ideas just comment them!❤️

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