Process, Award Categories, & Prizes

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How the awards work:

- You submit your story via the submission form (link in the next chapter).

- We track your stories for number of new readers, how much they read your story, and other engagement metrics from 15th February to 15th March.

- The story with the most number wins.


Award Categories:

• Most-read story: Story with the highest number of new readers during contest timeline.

• Most binge-worthy story: Story with the highest number of readers completing the whole story during contest timeline

• Most engaging story: Story with the highest engagement (combination of votes, comments, and shares) during contest timeline.

*there will be 2 winners for each category.



- Winners will receive Amazon vouchers worth INR 1500 each

- Winning stories will be featured in a reading list on our profile

- Winning Fandom gets the boasting rights to be called as "the best fandom on Wattpad!"

- Best Fandom Award: The fandom whose stories win the most number of awards gets to be called The Best Fandom.

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