Paper Hearts

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„Alright, students, turn the page 76. We've got a lot to do today." said professor Anderson, as he turned around in one swift motion. „But first, meet your new classmate. Come in!"

The one who came in was probably the cutest boy I had ever seen in my life. He...he had something special which I couldn't describe in words.

„H-hi. I'm Jacob. From Phoenix, Arizona."

„Nice to meet you, Jacob! Find a seat, make yourself comfortable. Today, we're learning about Vietnam war so take your textbook."

Among all the empty seats, he took the very last one. He looked so fragile, so...vulnerable. Like a tiny lamb before getting slaughtered. I snapped back to reality when Trevor poked me out of nowhere.

„Jeez, Trevor! That's not funny, man!"

„To you!"

„You two, sit back down!" professor snapped.

But I didn't want to. I wanted to stare at him no matter how awkward it could've been. I wanted to observe each movement, each facial expression he made. Not that it wouldn't have made me a stalker, but I honestly didn't care. Class had finished way quicker than I thought. Probably because I was daydreaming the entire time. I mean, who could blame me?

„So..." Stacy approached me. „When is the date?"

„What? With whom?"

„The new guy, silly! Don't think I didn't notice you staring at him."

„Well, he's all new here. Of course I have to know him better. We all do."

„By spying on him, huh?"

„Oh, shut up! See ya tomorrow..."

* * *


„Grandma! When did you come here?"

„Right after you left for school. Your parents thought it'd be better if I had some company. Old know what I mean?" she joked.

„Right. So, they brought you?"

„Honey, you really think they left for work today?"

„No one told me anything."

„You should've seen them all ruddy from the cold, just like you. But I don't think it's the winter that made you blush so much. Is there something or someone I don't know about?"

„Gran, it's freezing outside!"

„I know that face. You came in smiling like a little kid in a candy store."

„Maybe I was in the candy store?"

„As you wish. Now, drop that bag and help me set the table. I made you some soup."

„You shouldn't have..."

„You need a warmup."

Right as I was about to take plates, my phone rang. Out of nowhere. „Great timing." I thought to myself.

„Who is it?"

„I...I don't know."

„Hun, you've managed to fool me many times, but this time..."

„I really don't know. It's an unknown number. Excuse me for a sec."

„I wouldn't answer that if I were you!"


I turned around once again, making sure she isn't eavesdropping, which she doesn't seem to find wrong at all.

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